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Welcome to BUILD BY & Fly Anywhere The following presentation would aim to answer the following questions while describing this business.

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2 Welcome to BUILD BY & Fly Anywhere

3 The following presentation would aim to answer the following questions while describing this business opportunity;  Why  What all opportunities do I have of earning a steady income?  How practically useful are your products?  Etc…

4 The following are the products that we offer to our customers.

5 Instant Flight Booking Portal for domestic/international flights in every corner of the world. Heavily Discounted Trips for members on cruises to most exotic waters such as the Caribbean, Indo-China, Pacific and many more.

6 Discounted bookings for wildlife safaris into unchartered locales in Africa, India, Australia and many more.

7 Free e-Books for members on topics as variable as business, motivational, bestsellers, classics with additions made every month based on popularity amongst members. Non-members can also avail to our bookshop services with instant secure online payment and real time fast download.

8 VOIP calling services-a software compatible with all mobile servers namely android, iPhone, Blackberry etc. that enables calling on any phone number. Members get lifetime talk time to call other members of ours for free! It empowers you to call anywhere in the world to non-members with unbelievably low tariffs and astonishing sound clarity. You need not change your number. Just download the software and start calling.

9 Web Builder: usually companies provide a rather basic form of web building tool that is not user friendly and too complicated. Simply fill a questionnaire form right after you sign up. You can thereby make your own website in order to promote your networking, or you can also use it to promote any business of your choice. Straightaway select the title of tabs and provide basic text for your website. If you want you can yourself elaborate the text in detail or you can choose for our text writing services for a sum of 10$.

10 7 DIFFERENT TYPES OF INCOME  Board Income  Direct Income  Binary Income  Three level Income  Spilled Over Income  Mufti Achievers Income  Stalwart Income

11 LEVEL - 1 LEVEL - 2 LEVEL - 4 LEVEL - 3


13 The Cycled User again joins its sponsor’s Board at LEVEL -1

14 When the board break all the present seven users receive incomes totally irrespective of sponsoring $75 $37.5 $18.75

15 (IInd) DIRECT INCOME SAM SAM’S INCOME You will be paid 10% on each direct sponsor you introduce in your network There is no Limit of direct Sponsoring 10% USD 7.5

16 (IIIrd) BINARY INCOME SAM SAM’S INCOME LeftRight 10% binary income is distributed for 1:1 ratio till infinity.* *Capping and Trimming is Applicable. **for Binary income One Left and One Right IDs are mandatory. 10% USD 7.5

17 (IVth) THREE GENERATION LEVEL INCOME  First Generation-3%  Second Generation -2%  Third Generation-1%

18 (Vth) SPILLED OVER SALE INCOME Spilled-Over Sale Income: An immaculate income that is earned once any ID {that even may be totally unrelated to yours} falls under you directly. You receive 2.5% on any such ID. SAM LeftRight

19 (VIth) MUFTI ACHIEVERS Mufti Achiever: During weekly closing the software randomiser would select 25 IDs that have no income generated in the first week of joining. To the account of these 25 IDs 5% of total weekly turnover would be equally distributed. This totally unforeseen income ensures that even for a freshly joined ID there is good chance of earning in its very first week without any effort.

20 (VIIth) STALWART ACHIEVERS Stalwart Achievers: Every week’s top 10 earners would receive 5% of total weekly turnover to be equally distributed amongst them. This income is in recognition of the best of our members’ efforts.

21 MEMBERSHIP FEES Lifetime membership fees $100 *$40 Extra for mobile phone *All incentives will be paid on $75

22 CONCLUSION This 3-Dimensional business model keeps in view all three categories of business approaches namely, the secondary networker, the regular networker and the major networker. These are the values with which we conduct ourselves and improve living standards as well as create new opportunities every day. It’s time you become part of the experience.

23 CONCLUSION At PIP4WEB we take great pride in delivering each and every commitment made to our respected members. The foremost of these is a challenge that goes as follows: If any member is able to point out any other company in the world that is distributing as much or more amount then us with such products then it is our priority that immediately 100% money of that member is duly returned with acknowledgement. There are to be no loopholes or exceptions to this policy so kindly keep this in mind before proceeding. THANK YOU


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