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London February 10th, 2011 Rossitsa Tsoleva Danone.

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1 London February 10th, 2011 Rossitsa Tsoleva Danone

2 Content About Danone Why people are making the difference Unique program for business transformation 2009 2001 Results & key success factors Examples  Dannon  Evian

3 DANONE in FEW NUMBERS FMCG with 4 divisions Dairy Waters Baby nutrition Medical Nutrition € 14,073 mln sales Activity in more than 130 countries 100 000 Danoners worldwide

4 1 2 3 4 4 A unique mission based on 4 axes For All Nature Health People

5 3 ??? Danone Leadership College WHY => explore existing resources to build WW competitive advantage in challenging environment WHAT => an Unique CODE leadership model for ALL Danone employees HOW  Danone Leadership College as business transformation tool and people growth booster

6 AMBITION In 2011, 15000 team leaders have been developed in a distinctive leadership culture to enable breakthrough business outcomes and empower, grow and engage all Danoners 2010 Objectives:  Embark 5000 Team Leaders (vs 1200’ in 2009)  Ensure sustainability of deployment

7 DANONE LEADERSHIP COLLEGE - Unique program for business & people transformation TRANSFORMATION JOURNEY CUSTOMIZATION  Outcomes & KPIs  Culture & mgt context MOBILISATION  Ownership GM/ CODI  Embark Team Leaders internally CERTIFICATION  Common language & tools  Certified partners  Certified internal trainers DANONE LEADERSHIP

8 Danone Leadership model CODE inspired by our values C ommitted Inspire & “Be” the vision Commit to create breakthrough results O pen Listen with empathy & Talk straight Connect inside & outside D oer Take responsibility & risk to show the way forward Act with speed, agility, & pragmatism E mpowered Engage & align teams Coach & harness diverse talent


10 CODE in 30 languages 117 CBUs embarked (86% of the CBUs, 90% CANN) 46 Countries 9000 Danoners already trained 315 Internal Trainers Develop and empower Danoners Danone Leadership College to develop leadership capacities of 15000 team leaders and to spread Danone values and culture, with local customization

11 BALANCED WORLDWIDE DEPLOYMENT EXCO embarked + Cascading started EXCO embarked Will embark in 2011 To be done 46 countries

12 Phase 1 External Consultants Phase 2 Internal trainers & KOL& ambassadors Phase 3 Team leaders WE ARE HERE WHERE WE ARE TODAY DLC

13 KEY SUCCESS FACTORS o GM/CODI Ownership o Business Transformation o Clear and High Ambition

14 KEY SUCCESS FACTORS o Fast mobilization of Team leaders via Internal Trainers : o Developing the momentum : Mobilization, communication, follow up : o Cross CBUs experience

15 INTERNAL TRAINERS: KEY FOR TRANSFORMATION 46 countries from all WWBUS From all functions! 315 Danoners 149 women & 166 men More than 150 sessions facilitated HRMARKETINGSALESOPERATIONSFINANCETOTAL 12325567932315 39%8%18%25%10%100%

16 Danone People Survey Oct 2010 Engagement for growth  Engagement > to Danone in Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and China (88 to 89%)  Learning and Development improving in China, USA, Russia and Indonesia (up to +14 points)  Safety improving in Indonesia, Russia and China (up to +10 points)  My Job highly important in Mexico, Indonesia and Brazil (85 to 90 points)


18 Dannon U.S. Creating the $4b Danoner DLC Journey Example

19 DLC Leadership Transformation Define what it means to BE A LEADER Clarify our commitments Enroll people in new possibilities Reducing waste and inefficiencies Increasing leadership competency Develop the capability and capacity for initiative, innovation and action DO YOUR COMMITMENTS DETERMINE REALITY OR DOES YOUR VIEW OF REALITY DETERMINE WHAT YOU COMMIT TO? What is our Ambition – Be $4B Danoners

20 C OMMITMENT “No Matter What….” O penness “Think Different….” D oer “Make It Happen….” E mpowerment “Give the Power to your Teams, Do Not Control Them” DLC Leadership Transformation

21 2700 Danoners 1750 workers / 400 staff and supervisors / 450 managers DLC WATERS FRANCE Create the possibility of an unpredictable future after 3 years of business crisis Example


23 450 Danoners trained (250 with 6 internal trainers) 10 months after kick off… 16 DLC sessions facilitated : 4 by External provider 2 co-facilitated by external provider + internal trainers 10 facilitated by internal trainers only 100% managers and staff and supervisors top line functions trained 100% participants have contributed to build up the way their departement will contribute to CBU ambition (merlin) Throughout a priorization process, a top 20 has been identified with a focus on 4 « transformation projects » 100% team managers operations EV trained FLM Operations EV to be trained in 2011 (300)

24 Leadership attitudes based on Danone distinctive CODE model create competitive advantage through PEOPLE

25 Thank you Choukran Grazie Tak Gracias Xiexie Terima Kasih Dziekuje Kiitos Evkharistó Arigatō Obrigado Spasibo Cám Danke Dekuji MERCI! THANK YOU!

26 …in 18 months KICK OFF for Excos BOOSTERS in each CBU TRAIN THE TRAINERS TEAM LEADERS WORKSHOPS for all TL 2009 2010 7892 Team Leaders 1200 Team Leaders 36 CBUs 30 Internal Trainers Refueling sessions 9000 Danoners embarked 117 CBUs 81 CBUs 285 Internal Trainers 315 ITs

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