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Zack Lane ReCAP Coordinator July 2013 ReCAP Columbia University.

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1 Zack Lane ReCAP Coordinator July 2013 ReCAP Columbia University

2  109.6% increase in total charges to offsite collections from FY04 to FY13  Meanwhile 35.7% decline for on campus collections  Offsite charges have leveled off over the past five years  Faculty (OFF) account for 40.4% of charges and 58.0% of renewals in FY13  Offsite collections have more renewals than charges; it is the opposite for on campus ReCAP Columbia University

3  Circulation activity is only one measure of collection usage  System-wide circulation statistics are available for both offsite and on campus  Circulation data are accessible to all staff Circulation data are accessible  Offsite collections can be identified by CLIO location format off,xxx.  ReCAP opened in January 2002  Voyager circulation activity data is available from July 2003, the date of implementation  Data does not include Teacher’s College or Law Library ReCAP Columbia University

4 ReCAP Columbia University  Previous study has been done: System-wide Circulation Data: Initial Analysis (.ppt)System-wide Circulation Data: Initial Analysis  Completed by ReCAP intern Steve Zweibel in Summer 2010ReCAP intern  Summarizes and visualizes system-wide data by activity type and patron group  Presents activity of both on campus and offsite collections; it is not ReCAP-specific  Includes observations, analysis and conclusions

5 ReCAP Columbia University

6  109.6 % increase from FY04 to FY13  Increase in circulation activity totals every year between FY04 and FY09  One, small decline between FY09 and FY10  Since FY09 the total charge volume has plateaued ReCAP Columbia University

7 ReCAP Columbia University

8  Comparing offsite and on campus charges by volume  Offsite charge volume increased 109.6 % between FY04 and FY13  On campus charge volume declined by 35.7% between FY04 and FY13  On campus charges have declined every year since FY04  N.B. On campus collection size declines each year; offsite collections grow each year ReCAP Columbia University

9 ReCAP Columbia University

10  Growth of offsite collection usage can be evaluated using a ratio  Offsite/Total Circulation as percentage  Ratio has increased since FY04  Since FY09 the ratio has been 6-7%  Data suggests that the leveling off correlates to increased renewals ReCAP Columbia University

11 ReCAP Columbia University

12  Monthly charges of both offsite and on campus collections are in phase with the academic calendar  Peaks in the middle of Fall and Spring terms  The pattern of offsite charges is more apparent when viewed alone  Amplitude is higher for on campus collections – see charts by calendar month ◦ 1:3 for on campus ◦ 1:2 for offsite ReCAP Columbia University

13 ReCAP Columbia University

14 ReCAP Columbia University

15 ReCAP Columbia University

16 ReCAP Columbia University

17  Chart compares total volume of charges to renewals for offsite collections  Faculty and Grad request more offsite collections than Undergrads  Faculty and Grads Faculty have higher renewal/charge ratios  Over time, these two patron groups tend to renew more than charge  CUL may expect to see steady or decreasing ReCAP retrieval rate as a result ReCAP Columbia University

18 ReCAP Columbia University

19  Chart compares total volume of charges to renewals for on campus collections  Renewal behavior has changed significantly over time  Faculty and Grads Faculty have higher renewal/charge ratios  Undergrad loan periods were extended from four weeks to one term in January 2008  Loan period had a stark effect on usage pattern, reducing the need for renewal ReCAP Columbia University

20 ReCAP Columbia University

21  Calculates how many renewals per charge  Renewal behavior has changed over time  Offsite collections have been tending upward, indicating more renewals per charge  On campus collections trend downward, less renewals per charge ReCAP Columbia University

22 ReCAP Columbia University

23  Faculty (OFF) accounts for the majority of offsite activity in FY13: ◦ 40.4% of charges ◦ 58.0% of renewals  Together Faculty and Grads (GRD) account for 76.7% of charges and 86.9% of renewals  Faculty charges have increased due to more Grads serving as adjunct faculty  This allowed Grads to have OFF set as primary patron group effective in Summer 2007 ReCAP Columbia University

24 ReCAP Columbia University

25 ReCAP Columbia University

26  More information and data can be found on the ReCAP Data CenterReCAP Data Center  Website includes more information about system-wide data and special projects  Tailored data sets and analysis will be provided to staff via the ReCAP Coordinator  Please see the main ReCAP website for general information about CUL procedures and systemsReCAP website ReCAP Columbia University

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