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FORGERY PUSHERS ON TRIAL Chapter 10 By Yordan Lyubenov.

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1 FORGERY PUSHERS ON TRIAL Chapter 10 By Yordan Lyubenov

2 THE START OF ANTI- SEMITIC COMMITTEES  Tsar Nikolas II & Count Lamsdorf’s idea to form anti-Semitic alliance  Nazi party stealing the idea – propaganda is one of the greatest weapons for Hitler, Communist Manifesto  Propaganda books (Mein Kampf, Protocols) and their distribution via Weltdienst  Secret conferences, anti-Semitic brochures and the Protocols

3 THE FIRST TRIAL IN SOUTH AFRICA  Strauss von Moltke, Harry Victor Inch, and David Hermannus Olivier (Grey Shirt Movement) and their even more malicious and crude Protocols-like creation  Citation of the Rabbi, creating the hideous and untrue picture of violent and disrespectful ravaging of Germans over Jew  Victor Inch’s false witness testimonials about the origin of the document

4 THE FIRST TRIAL IN SOUTH AFRICA  The “genuinely deceived” David Oliver and his lying comrades  Von Moltke’s “150 Jew abduction” and his “rescue” mission  The result of the trial – von Moltke and Victor Inch had been fined heavily compared to David Oliver; Inch was sentenced to 3 months of hard labour

5 THE SECOND TRIAL IN BERNE  The Jewish community in Berne against the 13 th edition of the Protocols by Theodor Fritsch, and all anti-Semitic publications (6 people in total)  The expert-finding problem – the defendents couldn’t find one  The witness inconsistency problem – only one, and his testimonials were insufficient

6 THE SECOND TRIAL, CONTINUED  Ulrich von Roll and the different paths Weltdienst and von Roll had  Princess Karadja’s passive position towards von Roll’s request  Assignment of Boris Toedtli as von Roll’s substitute for the trial  Reassignment was done because of unscrupulous nature of Toedtli  Toedtli’s historical background – how his experience taught him that Russians were the good guys and Jews – the bad ones

7 THE SECOND TRIAL, CONTINUED  Toedtli was to blame for the dependence of the Swiss Nazis on Germany, which was von Roll’s concern  ‘White’ Russian’s purposeful propaganda of the Protocols (they knew that the Protocols were a lie)  ‘White’ Russian’s contempt – the trial was about the existence of the Protocols, not about their content – what Jews were against  Maurice Joly’s Dialogue aux Enfers influence on the Protocols

8 THE SECOND TRIAL, CONTINUED  Conspiration around Joly’s work, according to Ulrich Fleischhauer, the expert for the defendents  Italian Baron vouching for Fleischhauer  The court’s final decision – The Protocols are a lie  Appeal by the defendents, but again they were told that the Protocols were used mainly for worsening Jews’ lives  Fleischhauer’s recognition beyond the trial


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