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Communist Triumph in China Civil War leads to Communism 1920-1950.

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1 Communist Triumph in China Civil War leads to Communism

2 Communist Party Forms 1920 intellectuals meet to discuss Marx’s ideas They form Communist Party –Mao Zedong one of the founders Lenin’s Bolshevik example is studied

3 Nationalist Government Nationalist Government is recognized by England & United States Promised democracy & political rights Became corrupt & oppressive China falls into Civil War Communists vs. Nationalists

4 China & World War II Japanese invades China in 1937 Civil war temporarily stops 2 groups unite to fight Japanese –Nationalists & Communists


6 NATIONALIST Leader Jiang Jieshi

7 Nationalists Communists Foreign Support: » U.S.A U.S.S.R Area Ruled: » Southern Northern Public Support » Weak, poor economy Strong, promised » inflation land reform Military Organization » Ineffective, Corrupt Experienced, motivated Leader » Jiang Jieshi Mao Zedong

8 Communist Territory

9 China’s Civil War China’s economy was collapsing due to WWII Communists promised land reform to peasants Nationalists had a larger army & more money

10 Nationalists US sent Jiang Jieshi $1.5 Billion Money was taken by corrupt officers Fought few battles against Japanese--saved themselves for Civil War

11 Communist Victory Mao finally wins control in 1949 Declares China: – “People’s Republic of China”

12 Nationalists Flee China Jiang Jieshi flees to island of Taiwan U.S. backs new Government of Taiwan Communist victory is viewed as a threat in the Far East for USA

13 Why did the Communists win?

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