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Chinese Civil War Who gains control of China and why? VS.

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2 Chinese Civil War Who gains control of China and why? VS

3 Chinese Civil War (1945-1949) Mao Zedong (CCP)Chiang Kai-Shek (KMT) Communists Common Name Nationalists Northern China Area controlled Southern China Soviet Union Foreign Support United States Communism Domestic Policy Capitalism Strong support from peasants Public Support Support from wealthy landowners Experienced, motivate, guerilla warfare Military Organization Ineffective, corrupt, poor morale

4 Truce During WW II Most of the fighting in WW II was done by Mao’s Red Army During the war US gave $1.5 billion to Nationalists to fight Japan Most of this money is wasted or “stolen” Mao’s Red Army (CCP) vs. Chiang’s Nationalist Army (KMT) US gives additional $2 billion to help Nationalists beat Communists Nationalists winning at first but China’s economy worsens Chinese people upset w/ Nationalists Nationalists troops begin defecting to Red Army By 1949, Mao controls most of China Chiang & what is left of his army flee to Taiwan

5 People’s Republic of China vs. Republic of China US upset over loss of China, but helps Chiang set up a gov on Taiwan Mao signs a friendship treaty with Soviet Union Chiang says Taiwan is legit gov of China “Republic of China” Mao insists legit govt is in China “People’s Republic of China” UN doesn’t recognize Mao’s “People’s Republic of China” as legitimate Mao Expands China 1950: Red Army invades Tibet. Mao promises self rule, but forces Tibet into communism. Tibetans protest, Mao’s Red Army crushes protest. Dalai Lama flees. 1950: China invades Inner Mongolia and annexes it

6 Life in Mao’s China Domestic Policy (1951) Mao gives private land to the peasants Mao has one million landowners killed who resist Mao nationalizes all businesses Great Leap Forward (1958-1961) Large collective farms are formed Poor planning results in a famine that kills 20 million people Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) Wants to create more social equality Forms the Red Guards who were HS & college students loyal to Mao Red Guards terrorize & re-educate those with an advantage(esp. intellectuals) Let 1000 flowers bloom Nuclear Age (1964) Mao’s govt successfully tests a nuclear weapon – upset Soviets won’t share tech

7 Containment Policy Truman Doctrine Marshall Plan US Cold War Foreign Policy Berlin Airlift Aid to ROC

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