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DOL  Go to park yesterday with she friend anna.  Jeremy differently today, him have dyed he hair pink.

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1 DOL  Go to park yesterday with she friend anna.  Jeremy differently today, him have dyed he hair pink.


3 Homework  Journal 4: Preparing for Night 09/26  Debate Notes 09/26  Vocab Quiz 2 09/26  Monthly Independent Reading: Night by Elie Wiesel 10/17

4 Homework: Organizing Your Binder  All sections should be organized by date  First notebook check with Unit 1 Exam October 10 or 11  Please divide your binder into the following sections in this order!  Syllabus (in front, not in any section)  Exams— Unit Tests, Reading quizzes, Final Exam  Vocabulary— Vocabulary lists, Vocabulary Quizzes  Homework and Handouts— Completed assignments, ungraded handouts  Readings— Poems, short stories, or other text  Notes— Anything else you write for yourself that is not in your notebook

5 The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl


7 The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl  Depression—a period when business and employment decline severely  The Great Depression affected countries worldwide  In the US it lasted from 1929- 1939

8  Wall Street crashed in September 1929, losing 24% of its value  From 1929 to 1932 the market would lose 89% of its value The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl

9  Unemployment doubled to around 25% at its worst  Huge portions of the population panicked and attempted to withdraw their savings from banks  Banks did not have enough money to supply demand and many failed

10 The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl  Severe droughts hit the American Midwest in 1935, ’36, and ‘39-’40  Dry weather plus overfarming caused large amounts of soil to be blown away

11 The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl  Economic collapse and natural disaster combined to push people from their homes  Midwestern families migrated to the coasts  Such wandering workers were sometimes called “bindle stiffs” for the bedding they carried with them

12 The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal policies and involvement in WWII helped to end the Great Depression in the US  Unemployment returned to <2% by 1940

13 The Great Depression and the Dust Bowl  Migrant Mother  Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children.  Circa February 1936  By Dorothea Lange  Not actually destitute, pea pickers or the mother of seven children.


15 Jigsaw: Of Mice and Men  Each group will discuss a single portion of the book  Focus on becoming experts on that section of the book  Try to find answers to all group members’ questions  Find and take note of major events in the text (what happens, why, what page)  Be prepared to present your findings to the class

16 Jigsaw: Of Mice and Men  Fold your paper into six sections  Use each section to take notes on a portion of the book  You should write both new information and questions you have or develop  Each section should have at least 5 key points or questions by the end of the activity

17 Jigsaw-Thoreau  Jigsaw 1  Section 1— Lexi, Betty, Jacob, Grace Chen, William, Jeffrey  Section 2— Joanna, Oliver, Daniel He, Jackham, Francesca  Section 3— Eric, Frida, Cathy, Robby, Selina  Section 4— Arianne, Chelsea, Gavin, Zace, Yoga  Section 5— Doris Dai, Lillian, Catherine, Billy, Sophia  Section 6— Julia, Yilian, Celine, Daniel Ai, Harry Liu

18 Jigsaw-Thoreau  Jigsaw 2  Group A— Lexi, Oliver, Cathy, Zace, Sophia, Julia  Group B— Betty, Daniel He, Robby, Yoga, Doris Dai, Yilian  Group C— Jacob, Jackham, Selina, Arianne, Lillian, Celine  Group D— Grace Chen, Jeffrey, Francesca, Eric, Chelsea, Catherine, Daniel Ai  Group E— William, Joanna, Frida, Gavin, Billy, Harry Liu

19 Jigsaw-Marcet  Jigsaw 1  Section 1— Cici, Mary, Helen, Fiona, Vivien, Kevin  Section 2— Azalea, Amy, Vicky, Ricky, Emanon  Section 3— Doris Chen, Alisa, Zoe, Harry Wang, Bill  Section 4— John, Grace Peng, Jack, Peter, Mike  Section 5— Jackie, Tracy, Christina, Jessie, Noame  Section 6— Sara, Reid, Andy, Marvin, Hurry

20 Jigsaw-Marcet  Jigsaw 2  Group A— Cici, Amy, Zoe, Peter, Noame, Sara  Group B— Mary, Vicky, Harry Wang, Mike, Jackie, Reid  Group C— Helen, Ricky, Bill, John, Andy, Jessie  Group D— Fiona, Emanon, Doris Chen, Grace Peng, Christina, Marvin  Group E— Vivien, Kevin, Azalea, Alisa, Jack, Hurry, Tracy

21 Debate: Of Mice and Men and Euthanasia

22  Euthanasia—killing someone as painlessly as possible to avoid more suffering; a mercy killing  Was George’s decision to kill Lennie an example of justified euthanasia?  In Friday’s class, we will argue about this topic together  You may be asked to present either side

23 Debate: Of Mice and Men and Euthanasia  Prepare 1 page of notes examining both sides of this debate  Use a T Chart to organize your ideas  Consider  Was it euthanasia? Why, or why not?  Was it justified? Why, or why not?  What factors in the story led to George’s decision? YesNo

24 Parts of Speech ADJECTIVES

25 Parts of Speech: Adjectives  Adjective (adj)— a word that describes a noun. Typically goes before the noun.  Adjective formulas:  Adj + S + V  S + V + Adj  The girl with the frizzy red hair came to my awesome birthday party.

26 Direct Objects

27  Direct Object (DO)— The noun that receives the action of an action verb. May be identified by asking the question, “(verb) what?” [Direct objects will be boxed in blue]  Direct Object formula: S + V + DO  Students read.  Students read books.

28 Direct Objects  Transitive Verb (Vt)— A verb that has a direct object.  Intransitive Verb (Vi)— A verb that lacks a direct object.  Vi— Messi plays.  Vt— Messi plays football.  Linking verbs may never be transitive.  Vi— Messi is the best.

29 Direct Objects  Let’s try identifying transitive and intransitive verbs together.  Arianne gives a gift.  Eric and Robby sing together well.  The devious dog stole the leftover food from the cat.

30 Predicate Nominatives

31 Predicate Nominative  Predicate Nominative (PN)— The word a linking verb connects to the subject of the sentence. These may be either nouns or adjectives. [Predicate nominatives will be dash-boxed in blue]  Predicate Nominative formula: S + V + PN  Christina is a girl.  Christina feels ready for the week.

32 Predicate Nominative  Predicate nouns can replace the subject in the sentence as they represent the same concept. The predicate noun just describes the subject using different words. Reversing the order of the subject and the PN does not change the meaning of the sentence.  Christina is a girl. = A girl is Christina.  Hercules is a hero. = A hero is Hercules.

33 Predicate Nominative  Predicate adjectives cannot replace the subject, they simply describe some quality it has. They offer information about details about the subject.  Christina feels ready for the week. ≠ Ready feels Christina for the week.  English class is exciting. ≠ Exciting is English class.Wrong part of speech before verb Excitement is English class. √ Correct with predicate noun

34 Predicate Nominatives  Let’s try identifying predicate nominatives together.  I love sports day!  DO: I love sports day ≠ Sports day loves me. (non-reversible)  Running is fun!  PN: Running is fun. (is = linking verb)  I have four classmates on my team.  I have four classmates on my team. ≠ Four classmates have me on my team. (non-reversible)  We will feel victorious.  We will feel victorious. (victorious = adj)

35 Exit Slip  Write a sentence using each of the following formulas.  Not for a grade. May be on scrap paper.  Turn into Jeryl before the bell.  Remember, DO’s explain actions the subject does to other nouns; PN’s give descriptive details about the subject.  S + V + DO  Adj + S + V + DO  S + V + PN  S + V + adj + PN

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