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BTSN 2012-2013. Dr. John Holdren THEY REALLY KNOW.

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1 BTSN 2012-2013

2 Dr. John Holdren THEY REALLY KNOW

3 One Question How does one balance the pressures of achieving personal academic success with the necessity of recognizing the fleeting nature of life and acting accordingly?

4 One Question Activities Book discussions Movie Guest speakers PF grant for projects and events Presentations at tjSTAR

5 2012-2013 goals See School Improvement Plan trifold Driven by SACS Action Plan developed in Spring 2012 Involves school’s leadership team, parents, students

6 Education as Cake – PoS in the frosting Curricular freedom/uniqueness for individual teacher TJ rigor across all sections of the same course VA/National Program of Studies cake frosting decoration

7 Priority Areas Program of Studies Performance Indicators Assessment Readiness Communication Administrative Responsiveness

8 Historical Watchlist Trends Before Class 2015 Course B- or lower C+ or lower C or lower TJ algebra II/trig57%73%92% TJ precalculus48%63%73% Biology61%68%85% Chemistry49%64%77% Physics63%85%100% Alg II/Bio avg grade83%90%100%

9  8 th period open tutoring: (W/F)  8 th period small group “stickies” (M)  8 th period peer-tutoring (M)  8 th period study skills sessions  Individual meetings with counselor and teacher  Preassessment for SOL readiness with review of trouble spots Interventions: Level 1

10 Watchlist if cumulative unweighted GPA is below 3.3 Individual student plans created by counselor, teachers, admin, parent, student Address study skills, work habits, tutoring, etc. Interventions: Level 2

11 Meeting with principal to review progress and offer suggestions Interventions: Level 3

12 How Goals Enhance the Process Identify trouble spots early Provide support Ensure consistency in TJ “frosting” Propel high standards for all students

13 Celebrating TJ Students Success Over 99% students maintain over 3.0 Mean AP score 4.5, with an average of 7.3 tests per student Intel/Siemens semifinalists highest ever in 2012 Olympiads galore!

14 STEMbassadors Oct 5, 9am orientation, lecture hall Put a TJ face in every school Adult liaison: Parent, teacher, alum, alum parent, corporate rep Liaison recruits neighborhood participation and shares info about TJ events to school-based liaison

15 Renovation between 2013-2016

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