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Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling South Shore Regional School Board May, 2010.

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1 Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling South Shore Regional School Board May, 2010

2 Comprehensive Guidance Program Designed to provide direction by assisting students to acquire knowledge, attitudes, strategies, and skills in four domains: Personal – understand and appreciate self Social – relate effectively to others Education – develop appropriate educational plans Career – develop life and career plans

3 Comprehensive Guidance Program Characteristics The program promotes the development of evidence-based school guidance and counselling program goals with strategies as set by an advisory committee. It includes achievable and measurable outcomes for students in grades primary to 12.

4 Comprehensive Guidance Program Components Guidance Curriculum Professional Services Life/career Planning Program Management and System Support

5 Guidance Curriculum Visit classes to offer information and/or training sessions Provide resources to teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders to effectively deliver guidance- related curriculum Collaborate with teachers to organize programs designed to meet identified needs in the school. (guest speakers, service learning opportunities, etc.) Provide or coordinate specialist training for groups as identified. (peer mediation, anger management, tutoring, etc.) Elementary: 35-45%; Jr. High/Middle Level: 25-35%; High School:15-25%

6 Professional Services (counselling, co-ordination and consultation) Provide services that support the personal, social, educational, and career development of all students Collaborate with school staff regarding students’ academic, social, emotional and developmental needs Make referrals to a variety of community agencies Collaborate and consult with families and outside agencies Act as a member of the critical incident team at the school and Board level as required Act a member of the school core program planning team. Counsel individuals, groups and families. Act as a member individual program and transition teams when specialist expertise is required Elementary: 30-40%; Jr. High/Middle Level: 30 – 40%; High School: 25-35%

7 Life/Career Planning Assist in decision-making through promoting, planning, and implementing program placement guidance for students and parents, proactive programs, and social/personal management activities Coordinate and implement the orientation and transition of students from level to level and to post-secondary Ensure credit checks are completed as appropriate Collaborate with teachers in order to provide students with experiences that will broaden their career awareness and knowledge Provide resources to students, teachers and parents regarding life and career planning options Elementary: 10-25%; Jr.High/Middle Level: 15-25%; High School: 25-35%

8 Program Management and System Support Play a leadership role in the development and implementation of the Comprehensive Guidance and Counselling Program (if % of time allows) Maintain daily log, note taking, record keeping with respect to guidance and counselling records in accordance with Student Records Policy and the Canadian Counselling Professional Association Attend meetings related to guidance issues Establish and assess outcomes for counselling programs, activities, interventions, and experiences Participate as a member of professional learning communities Continue professional growth and development to enhance your role as the guidance counsellor Elementary: 10-15%, Jr. High/Middle Level: 10-15%; High School: 10-15%

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