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The Road to College …runs through 1 1.

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1 The Road to College …runs through 1 1

2 What is AVID? “AVID helps you prepare for high school and college. It also builds your character, showing you many skills while in it. Not only does it help with the future, but it helps with the present. In the end, we are all a family, we help each other out with our many struggles. AVID isn’t just about one thing, but about many.” - Mairany, 8th grade AVID student

3 What is AVID? “AVID has guest speakers, tutorials, and debates on certain topics. You get to work with others and create presentations. AVID pushes you to not only get good grades, but to have a better future.” - Skye, 8th grade AVID student

4 What is AVID? “AVID is not a program, it’s a family where you can be respected and get help with your troubles in school. It will prepare you for college and your future. WE, AVID, ARE NOT A PROGRAM! WE ARE A FAMILY!” - Mark, 8th grade AVID student

5 Why college? It is estimated that in 2028 there will be 19 million more jobs for educated workers than there are qualified people to fill them. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, in 2005, the average income for a Bachelor’s Degree holder was $54,689 versus an income of $19,915 for a high school graduate. Businesses want to hire people who know how to think critically, solve problems and work well with others.

6 Why college?

7 When it comes to college…
Most parents are concerned about:

8 When it comes to college…
Most students are concerned about:

9 When it comes to college…
Colleges and Scholarship Organizations are concerned about:

10 AVID Brings It All Together!

11 AVID helps you… “AVID helped me on my organization. Back in elementary, I used to be a mess—not even clean my room or my backpack. I would just shuffle my papers in my backpack. But when I got into AVID, I got help with that. I saw more success on my grades and papers.” - Yobana, 8th Grade AVID student



14 What is AVID? AVID's mission is to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college readiness and success in a global society.

15 What is AVID? A school-wide approach to rigorous curriculum
Accelerates student learning with placement in honors courses Research-based “best practices” as part of instruction An elective class that meets every day

16 I wanted to be part of AVID because…
“I knew I was lacking what I needed in junior high to succeed, so I thought it would help me and it did!” - Antonio, 8th grade AVID student

17 I wanted to be part of AVID because…
“It’s amazing, and I wanted the chance to go to college, no matter how hard school was for me.” - Mark, 8th grade student

18 Motivational Activities
Typical Week in AVID Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday AVID Curriculum Tutorials Binder Evaluation Field Trips Media Center Speakers Motivational Activities Career/College Research Study Skills w/ Paid College Tutors

19 Join Us for a College Visit!

20 Who is the AVID student? Has academic potential and…
Average to high test scores GPA College potential with support Desire and determination First to attend college Historically underserved in four-year colleges Low income Special circumstances

21 Why join AVID? Attending a four-year university is a goal.
Will be the first in family to attend a four-year university. To be competitive for the nation’s top scholarships. To receive tutoring to help with AP and other rigorous courses during the school day.

22 Why join AVID? Organization, note-taking, time-management, and study skills. ACT and SAT test preparation. We are the college experts. AVID teachers are like “College Coaches.” We help with scholarship application and college application essays. A great value! Priority registration and Guidance Counselor access. Field trips to local colleges and fun events!

23 You should be part of AVID because…
“You should join AVID because it gives you lots of opportunities. AVID helps you find the path in which you want to go. It challenges you to be the best that you can. It doesn’t pressure you, but it helps you decide little by little and it gives you insight of what you want to do when you’re older.” - Mairany, 8th grade AVID student

24 You should be part of AVID because…
“It helps you when trying to achieve any goal. I want to hold political office, AVID has helped me learn to debate topics in a friendly way. AVID helped me learn how to debate, and now I feel that I can actually achieve my goal.” - Autumn, 8th grade AVID student

25 You should be part of AVID because…
“AVID is fun. In AVID, we have fun projects, go on field trips, we play games, and we help each other get through classes you are struggling in. This is not a boring class where you just sit and learn. It’s games, fun, and it helps you in your other classes. I personally think that AVID just makes your classes easier.” - Leslie, 8th grade AVID student

26 Highlights Each year, over 95% of our AVID students graduate and enroll in 2 or 4 year colleges because our system works! 2014 AVID Senior students averaged over $50,000 each in scholarship offers.

27 How do I get in? Fill out an application.
Give your application to your school’s AVID Coordinator. And you are on your way to…

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