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By Tatiana Kosloffsky And Reagan Jury Spring 2012.

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1 By Tatiana Kosloffsky And Reagan Jury Spring 2012

2 Technology assists humans with their daily lives and tasks including work and entertainment. It can come in various ways. Technology can be as complex as a computer or as simple as a pulley.

3 The function of eyeglasses is to help people with vision problems see better. They began as bare connected lenses. They evolved into the glasses we know today, such as bifocals, contacts and progressives.

4 Ball bearings are used in mechanical parts, motors and propellers to help them rotate. These little metallic balls are still used today.

5 The steam engine was used in the 17 th, 18 th, 19 th ’ and 20th, centuries. It powered many things including factories, boats, trains, mills, and much more. It is now obsolete and lives in museums. Its importance was that it was the first engine of significant power.

6 The x-ray was discovered by accident in 1895 by Roentgen. The x-ray allows doctors to view their patients’ bones and teeth without cutting them open. The x-ray is still used today in hospitals to help doctors see their patients’ bones and teeth.

7 The Model T Ford was the first mass-produced automobile and was the most influential car of the 20 th century. Cars have changed so much over the last 104 years that people may have difficulty recognizing the Model T Ford.

8 The Television was invented in 1923 but, wasn’t available to the general public until the 1940’s. The first television broadcasted in black and white and emitted sound. The television brought news and the outside world into the viewers home. Televisions now are very different. Today televisions have surround sound, high definition, flat screens, and much more. New Television Old Television

9 The rocket was first used in 1232 A.D. during the siege of Beijing. It is now used to propel space shuttles into space from NASA (National Aeronautic Space Administration ) and other international space programs. Rocket motors are also used to propel missiles.

10 The atomic bomb was the first weapon of mass destruction to be used. Atomic weapons are more sophisticated today. However, the main principle of splitting atoms remains the same.

11 The laser was invented in 1960 by Theodore Harold Maiman. The laser is a beam of radioactive light. It was and is used for many things including surgery, illumination, presentation, and other important things that we couldn't do without it.

12 The cellular phone works by transmitting a signal to a satellite or cell tower which transmits the signal to another electronic device. The first cellular phone was as big as a brick and couldn’t fit in your pocket like the phones today. The evolution of the cellular phone

13 Technology has changed society a lot. Many people have been texting too much instead of socializing with their families, also many people rely on technology to do every thing for them but it sometimes fails. Without it people would rely on themselves more. Some good things about technology are that we are finding many cures for diseases and better tools for surgeries. I have noticed that instead of going outside many children go online to social networking sites. I think that technology is in some ways bad today but without it the world would be hard to live in. My vision of technology in the future is mostly bad. It now probably takes a hacker a couple of minutes to hack someone’s bank account, in the future it may take a hacker only a couple of seconds to hack someone's account. Also cyber bullying is a huge problem now. Cyber bullying might become additionally anonymous which could cause more people to do it. I think that technology will also get better. People will find more cures and have more advanced tools for surgeries. I hope technology in the future will be used for good not bad.

14 I feel that technology has changed our values. Instead of talking, people text away and don’t realize your presence. How can this be a good thing? Technology can also be good in ways, for example advances in transportation, communication, and medical science. My vision of technology in the future is both good and bad. For example the advanced hacking technology could ruin peoples lives. The advanced weaponry could destroy an entire nation. On the other hand, scientific research and medical advances can and will save lives for many years to come.

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