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TITLE Aubrie Dell’ Agnese and Aurora Tasho Spring 2012.

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1 TITLE Aubrie Dell’ Agnese and Aurora Tasho Spring 2012

2 DEFINITION Technology is an idea that becomes an invention. Technology can make life easier, better and more efficient for people and animals.

3 E YEGLASSES - 1280 An object that helps you see clearly. Eyeglasses have progressed over time changing from two lenses held together (1280) to modern day eyeglasses which are made from lenses and frames. Now there are also bifocals, trifocals, progressives and prisms for double vision. Stigmatism can be corrected and there is also Lasik eye surgery and contact lenses. Eyeglasses have changed in style, color, shape and size.

4 S USPENSION BRIDGE - 1350 A bridge that connects two sides of a chasm together so people can get over or across more quickly. Now the little suspension bridge first built in Peru not being strong enough to hold animals has evolved to modern bridges that hold tons of pounds. Which this why the suspension bridge is important.

5 P OCKET WATCH - 1510 A small portable watch that allows people to tell time. Now portable time has changed to, pocket watches, wrist watches, and portable phones. All these devices make it so we have different, portable ways to tell time.

6 S PINNING JENNY -1767 A tool spins sheep's wool into yarn to make warm clothing. The spinning jenny was at first a tool that needed hands to operate but now, there are machines in factories to do that. They needed the wool for clothing in winters which is why the technology invented by James Hargreaues in 1767 was a big help to many people.

7 H OT AIR BALLOON - 1783 A fun occasional transportation that is powered by hot air. A hot air balloon is important because it was the first successful human carrying flight technology. This invention also brought about hot air powered blimps or zeppelins. The hot air needed to control these flying wonders. This is made hot by a gas. This amazing invention was invented by Montgolfier brothers in 1783.

8 P HOTOGRAPHY - 1826 A camera that takes pictures of important moments. Photography went from black and white photography to colored and also has changed from big cloth camera’s to film camera’s to digital. This magnificent invention was invented by Joseph N. Neipce in 1826.

9 R EFRIGERATOR - 1834 A box to keep foods, refreshments, and medication cold. Refrigerators have changed quite a bit from an icebox because refrigerators have plenty room to keep more items cold. There is more room in a refrigerator because you have more space to keep food. This spectacular invention, invented by Jacob Perkins in 1834 changed peoples lives so they didn’t have to go to the market everyday.

10 S KYSCRAPER - 1883 A very tall building that helped build up cities while, still providing space. The first skyscraper was built in Chicago in the year 1883. The skyscraper made it so that other buildings (skinny and tall) could be built to make good use of the small, cramped area of land.

11 A NTIBIOTICS ( PENICILLIN ) - 1928 Medication that cures infection. Antibiotics helped keep many people alive from contagious diseases. Before antibiotics they had used plants for medication that usually didn’t work well. Now instead of the disease spreading and wiping out entire towns antibiotics cure the disease so it does not spread.

12 W ORLD WIDE WEB - 1990 The world wide web where you can search almost anything and everything. The world wide web has changed overtime because originally scientist only used the internet which had a green background and black text, this brought about the wonderful world wide web. There is color, pictures, video, shopping, animation, advertisement, instant messages, and social networking. Some of this was invented by Tim Berners – Lee in 1990.

13 C ONCLUSION Conclusion B – We believe that in the future technology will have changed to be more advanced than it is now for example: all school work and tests will be taught to you on computers. Also a ton of sites, advertisements, color, video, animation, pictures, more social networks, and much more will have been added and changed. What’s your prediction of the future of technology? Conclusion A- Technology has changed our society in bad and good ways. For example bad ways technology is used is, cyber bullying and inappropriate posts/ messages. These can be hurtful and troubling which is bad. Good ways technology is used is in hospitals to help patients in many different ways. Also, educational software helps kids learn earlier.

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