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1 Fuels Nat

2 What is a fuel? A substance which is burned to produce energy.

3 Give another word for burning? Combustion

4 When a substance burns what is it reacting with? Oxygen

5 Name the type of compound found in oil and natural gas. Hydrocarbons

6 What is a hydrocarbon? A compound which contains hydrogen and carbon only.

7 Name the two products formed when a hydrocarbon burns in a plentiful supply of oxygen (complete combustion) Carbon dioxide and water

8 What is the test for carbon dioxide? Limewater turns milky

9 Name the poisonous gas produced when a hydrocarbon burns in a limited supply of oxygen (incomplete combustion). Carbon monoxide

10 What is produced when nitrogen and oxygen from the air react inside a petrol engine ? Oxides of nitrogen which are poisonous

11 What causes nitrogen and oxygen from the air to react inside a petrol car engine? Spark

12 Why is it dangerous to burn fuels containing sulphur compounds? Sulphur dioxide is produced (a poisonous gas)

13 Name the harmful particles produced by the incomplete combustion of diesel. Soot

14 What does a catalytic converter do? Converts pollutant gases into harmless gases. Carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide Oxides of nitrogen into nitrogen

15 Name the type of chemicals compounds found in crude oil. Hydrocarbons

16 Name the process used to separate crude oil into fractions. Fractional distillation

17 What is a fraction? A mixture of hydrocarbons with similar boiling points

18 What property allows the hydrocarbons to be separated by fractional distillation? They have different boiling points

19 Which size of hydrocarbon molecules have the largest boiling point? largest molecules - as the molecules become larger the boiling point increases.

20 Describe what happens to ease of evaporation, viscosity and flammability as the molecular size increases. As the molecular size increases - ease of evaporation decreases - more viscous(thicker) - less flammable

21 Name the gas which turns lime water milky? Carbon dioxide

22 What is the test for oxygen gas? Relights a glowing splint

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