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Divisional Tabletop Exercise Bob Baylor October 11, 2007.

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1 Divisional Tabletop Exercise Bob Baylor October 11, 2007

2 Tabletop Exercise The tabletop exercise is a popular and fairly uncomplicated method of testing a business continuity plan. It provides valuable training to recovery personnel and enables planners to enhance continuity plans without causing major interference of normal operations. It usually involves senior staff, elected officials, or appointed officials in an informal environment. Products from the exercise may include emerging policy, plan revisions or new procedures

3 Conducting at tabletop ・ Identify the objectives ・ Develop an initial exercise scenario and narrative ・ Identify the participants (senior staff or workers?) ・ Distribute minutes ・ Facilitate the exercise ・ Perform a post exercise analysis

4 Typical Disaster Response Scenarios Fire Tornado Medical emergency (non-terrorist) Hazardous Materials Incident (non-terrorist)

5 Exercise to overwhelm! The key to the tabletop exercise is the scenario. The response required must overwhelm existing assumptions and capabilities. The scenario should consider the implications of response from agencies or organizations from outside the local area. It isn’t business as usual!

6 Limiting Factors Ego (we can handle it) Inter-agency rivalry Costs and time constraints Denial of the potential for the scenario What needs to be done?

7 Shortfalls Agencies tend to conduct tabletop exercises only with normal customers not with outside agencies. The question the most often gets overlooked is what surge capabilities will be needed? What should be done in the event of something we haven’t planned for? What’s going on in my own back yard?

8 Example 1 Portsmouth, Ohio There are 23.0 metric tons of highly enriched uranium at the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant. The material is stored and processed as uranium hexafluoride (UF6), and other compounds including fluorides, and oxides. (Source: DOE) The Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion Plant has produced and is storing highly enriched uranium for the nuclear weapons program, and research reactor usage. It contains much of the remaining uranium fluoride production inventory, in both gas phase and solid. The inventories of highly enriched uranium may not reflect all material that will be recovered during decontamination of buildings and equipment or material in waste. The quantity listed here is based on the evaluation of the records available. The quantity may be updated or revised in the future after re-evaluation of the methodology used originally.

9 Example 1 Portsmouth, Ohio The primary hazard in gaseous diffusion plants include the chemical and radiological hazard of a UF6 release and the potential for mishandling the enriched uranium, which could create a criticality accident (inadvertent nuclear chain reaction). What surge capability does the local hospitals have for such an event? Radiation burns and chemical burns in addition to trauma, what protocols and special equipment would be required? First responders and healthcare workers would face exposure to radiation and chemicals while treating patients. How should ambulances and hospital wards be decontaminated? How should hospital gowns and linens be disposed? What risks are posed to sewer and water systems by decontaminating patients and healthcare workers?

10 Example 2 Avian Flu Bird Import Ban - There is currently a ban on the importation of birds and bird products from H5N1-affected countries. The regulation states that no person may import or attempt to import any birds (Class Aves), whether dead or alive, or any products derived from birds (including hatching eggs), from the specified countries. For more information, see Embargo of Birds from Specified Countries. (Source: CDC) Cockfighting arrests in Northeast Ohio shine light on cruel sport (Aug 2007) –On July 29, six Lorain County Sheriff's deputies swooped into a lot on a dead- end street in Sheffield Town ship and caught about 40 men whooping it up, a beer in one hand, the other clenched in a fist, punching the air around a fighting ring. –All around them, and in the cars they came in, were cages full of roosters. –The deputies found "malnourished, underweight, uncared-for" birds, some with bald patches, their report said. And those were the lucky ones. The deputies were too late to help three roosters "covered in blood, dying," with their eyes swollen shut. "Dead chicken parts" were scattered about.

11 Example 2 Avian Flu Cockfighting has a long history in the US as well as with various cultures that now reside here Engaging in one illegal activity does not prevent being involved in another (such as importing birds) What would happen if someone at a fight contracted H5N1 that was sustainable human to human and it was in Brown county? What would the medical staff at the hospital most likely conclude? When would it first be identified as avian flu? What reporting mechanisms would be used?

12 Gap Analysis Where are we and where do we want to be? What do we need? Who did we miss? What assumptions were correct? What assumptions were incorrect? What should we train or exercise next?

13 Conclusions Cost-effective, low threat approach Flexible platform for testing assumptions Can introduce others to your facilities Networking opportunity Improve communications Review currency of training and procedures

14 “ Informed decision-making comes from a long tradition of guessing and then blaming others for inadequate results.” Scott Adams

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