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Disaster Planning Cindy H. Deporter DHSR Fall 2013.

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1 Disaster Planning Cindy H. Deporter DHSR Fall 2013

2 §483.75(m) Disaster and Emergency Preparedness F517: The facility must have detailed written plans and procedures to meet all potential emergencies and disasters, such as fire, severe weather, and missing residents.

3 F 518 F518 The facilities must train all employees in emergency procedures when they begin to work in the facility, periodically review the procedures with existing staff, and carry out unannounced staff drills using those procedures. (LSC conducts the Fire Drills)

4 Surveyors look for…… The facility should tailor its disaster plan to its geographic location and the types of residents it serves. “Periodic review” is a judgment made by the facility based on its unique circumstances changes in physical plant or changes external to the facility can cause a review of the disaster review plan

5 Drills The purpose of a “staff drill” is to test the efficiency, knowledge, and response of institutional personnel in the event of an emergency. Unannounced staff drills are directed at the responsiveness of staff, and care should be taken not to disturb or excite residents. (LSC handles the fire drills)

6 Surveyor Guidance Review the disaster and emergency preparedness plan, including plans for natural or man made disasters (ex: tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes) –Has the facility been in touch with their local County Emergency Planners? –Is the facility Sheltering in Place vs moving residents according to the County Emergency Plan?

7 Sheltering in Place Things surveyors look for: Does the policy and procedure include: -Emergency food and water - Staffing? - Supplies? A plan for evacuation if sheltering in place changes?

8 Evacuation –Contracts with emergency transportation services? –Are the services only managing the NH and not several other facilities? –Where does the facility evacuate too? –Does the facility have to take food? –Will they take medical supplies? –How do you identify residents?

9 Evacuation How are residents notified of the evacuation? How are families notified? Has the facility been in contact with the local County Emergency Management Services?

10 Policy and Procedures Do the policy and procedures cover issues such as: –Missing residents –Bomb scares –Domestic incidents –Chemical and biological situations

11 Surveyor questions…. Ask two staff persons separately (e.g., nurse aide, housekeeper, maintenance person) and the charge nurse: If the fire alarm goes off, what do you do? If you discover that a resident missing, what do you do? What would you do if you discovered a fire in a resident’s room? Where are fire alarms and fire extinguisher(s) located on this unit? How do you use the fire extinguisher?

12 QIS Questions Does staff (nursing, dietary, laundry, housekeeping, administrative, etc.) know what to do in an emergency situation (locale-dependent: fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, missing residents, bomb scares, chemical spills/hazards, or biological hazards)? Yes No –Review tag: F518

13 QIS questions continued…. Is there a working emergency generator? Yes No (F455) NA, the facility does not use a life support system. Is there a functional emergency power system? Yes No (F455) Are procedures established to ensure water is available to essential areas when there is a loss of normal water supply? Yes No (F466)

14 Plenty of Water here………

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