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je technicky rovnaký ako

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1 je technicky rovnaký ako
ELECTRO-VOICE Dx46 je technicky rovnaký ako Dynacord DSP600 Dx46

2 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
Čo je nové 6 Channels of 512-Tap FIR Filters Software IRIS-Net pre ovládanie viacerých procesorov aj spolu s ďaľšími zariadeniami Možnosť ovládania cez Ethernet a / alebo USB Zabudovaný Tone a Noise Generator Kompletná výbava Dx46

3 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
Key Features Analógové a digitálne vstupy Dual Core DSP 24 Bit AD/DA, 48 kHz double precision processing 512 taps FIR filters (factory presets) Dynamics > 116 dB / THD+N < 0,002% Ethernet network with Ethernet switch IRIS-Net GUI Compatible with RCM-26 speaker settings Wide Voltage Supply Range: 100 – 240V AC / 50 – 60 Hz Dx46

4 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
Signal Flow Diagram Dx46

5 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
Možnosť konfigurovať 2-way stereo + Fullrange 3-way stereo 4-way mono + Fullrange 5-way mono + Fullrange 3-way stereo with a mono sub + Fullrange 4-way stereo with mono sub and low frequency freely assignable 2 x 6 matrix router Dx46

6 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
F.01U Matrix Router / Mixer • Two inputs (stereo) Analogue A/B or AES/EBU • Summed A/B (mono) input • Six assignable outputs Vstupy • Pilot tone detection • Test Signal Generator • VU Metering of input signal • 10-band parametric equalizer • 31-band graphic equalizer • Delay Dx46

7 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
Výstupy (každý) • Array control (5-band equalizer +delay) • Cross-over (hi-pass / low-pass filters), with selectable filter types • 6-band parametric equalizer • FIR filter with 512 Taps • Delay • Polarity • Look-ahead Peak limiter with Peak RMS detection . Thermal limiter pre ochranu reproduktorov • Level & Mute • Pilot tone generator • VU Metering • Output assignment display LEDs; sub, low, mid & high • Mute tlačítka • Gain reduction meters Dx46

8 (Hlavný systém / Delay systém)
2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor 4 x Delay Setting MASTER-DELAY: Pre nastavenie medzi systémami (Hlavný systém / Delay systém) ARRAY-DELAY: Pre nastavenie individuálnych častí clustra alebo zostavy X-OVER-DELAY: pre jednotlivé drivery vnútri reprosústav CHANNEL-DELAY: Pre nastavenie reprosústav (tops and subs) Dx46

9 2-in-6 FIR-Tune Sound System Processor
Additional features • Electronically balanced XLR inputs and outputs • XLR thru connectors (analog + AES/EBU) • -6 dB switchable input level pad • Test signal generator (Sine, pink noise, white noise) • Contact closure interface (Phoenix type) providing 5 control inputs • USB port (front) and RJ-45 Ethernet port with Ethernet switch (rear) for connection to PC with IRIS-Net software; preset editing and real time parameter control and monitoring. • Firmware updates via USB port or Ethernet port • FLASH memory for preset storage and firmware upgrades • 192 x 32 back-light graphic LCD display • LCD navigation / editing controls • DSP block direct access controls Dx46

10 IRIS Net - Software pre ovládanie Dx46 a diaľkovo ovládaných zosilňovačov

11 Dx46

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