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1 Indiana University Advanced User Concepts August, 2012.

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1 1 Indiana University Advanced User Concepts August, 2012

2 2  Access OFB on any web-enabled device  Seamless access to My Trips and Profile  IU Rates and policy integrated  OFB Mobile: Search, Book, Service

3 3 International Services Orbitz for Business provides additional international travel support with the following: –Visa and passport support & assistance through CIBT –Security and risk advisories –Orbitz for Business exclusive discounted fares for international airlines Our expertise connects you globally & provides savings When booking a complex international trip, we recommend you call for assistance – 877-672-4891

4 4 Add to calendar Arrangers, add to your own calendar and copy to traveler’s

5 5 Add to TripIt Register first at TripIt site and grant access to OFB

6 6 Cross-sell links – quickly add additional elements to the trip The search panel will be pre-filled with city and dates

7 7 Chat – real time assistance without a call Chat agents can assist with travel or site questions. Fees may apply; if the action done via chat would incur a fee if done over the phone, the same fee applies for the chat.

8 8 Trip Template – store for later use Access the template from the My Trips list

9 9 Catalog and redeem unused tickets

10 10 Arrangers: Clone trip for add’l travelers

11 11 Arrangers: Traveler Locator Complete all the panels in the Find Trips page

12 12 Traveler Locator results

13 13 Use Search by Schedule to quickly narrow down options

14 14 Use tools to quickly narrow results

15 15 Fare expiration alerts – OFB alerts you to impending fare changes

16 16 Amtrak is available using the Rail tab

17 17 Profile management – be sure traveler’s info matches what’s on file with the airline

18 18 Traveler Update – quick travel info

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