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Introduction to Snowfly An exciting rewards & recognition program!!!

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1 Introduction to Snowfly An exciting rewards & recognition program!!!

2 What Makes Snowfly Different: Play Games Win up to 5,000 points with every single token; never get zero points Earn tokens for achieving goals Random games; not skill based Ten games available with possibility of more

3 What Makes Snowfly Different: MasterCard® Debit Card Flexibility – Accepted anywhere in the world MasterCard is accepted Speed – Points become cash in maximum of two business days Support – 24/7, 365 toll-free customer service

4 Snowfly Overview Within your personal account: Get rewarded with game tokens for achieving pre- defined goals Tokens can be used to play an online game of random chance; each token will yield up to 5,000 points Points are loaded to a personal MasterCard® debit card or used to select any other available prize option

5 Using Snowfly: Logging In Username = “call.” followed by your first initial then last name Password = your initial password will be “callogix” (without quotes and case sensitive). Once logged on go to your Personal Settings page to change it to something more secure.

6 Using Snowfly: Introduction to the Terminology There are two different types of currencies: tokens & points Tokens are what you will be recognized with when you achieve a goal or are rewarded for other reasons. Tokens have no definable value and each token represents a single opportunity to play a random game. Points are the output of the random games and the currency used to redeem prizes. Points cannot be used to play games and cannot be converted back into tokens.

7 Using Snowfly: Main Page Account Summary: displays key account balances My Account History: displays past recognition, redemptions & game results

8 Using Snowfly: Goals Profile Complete List of All Goals You Are Eligible For: To see full details, click on expandable grey text

9 Using Snowfly: Types of Goals There are multiple ways that you may be recognized through this program: Automated – these rewards will automatically be deposited in your account shortly after achievement. Self Nominated/Self verified – you will need to submit this type of goal. When you do you will instantly receive the reward. This also includes peer recognition you can distribute to others and tests that will be automatically graded. Self Nominated/Supervisor verified – you will need to submit this type of goal. When you do it will go through a verification step and upon verification the reward will be deposited into your account. Supervisor discretionary – your supervisor has a bank of tokens called Special Rewards they can use to recognize you for various activities at their discretion

10 About Pending Recognition There are two different types of pending recognition: Pending My Review – recognition listed in this category indicates that you’ve received the recognition and it has been verified. All you need to do to activate the reward is read the details. Pending Verification – recognition in this category is awaiting manager verification. After the manager has verified it you may need to read the details.

11 Using Snowfly: Reading the Details You can recognize on your Main page if you have a reward with details that need to be read by: A count of one or greater will appear in the “Pending Recognition” section (on left hand column) An item will appear in the “My Pending Recognition” section (in center content section) To read the details, simply click the expandable text under “Pending My Review”: When you have a reward with details that require reading that must be done to activate the reward.

12 Using Snowfly: Quick Links The Quick Links will automatically appear in the left-hand column of your Main page. These are designed to save you time by making it quicker and easier for to do things that you have done in the past. There are two types of Quick Links: My Top Goals – displays the goals that you’ve logged most frequently. This will only appear after the 1st time you’ve logged a goal. My Top Prizes – displays the prizes that you’ve redeemed most frequently. This will only appear after the 1st time you’ve redeemed a prize.

13 Using Snowfly: Limits on Goals Some Self goals my have limits on them so you will only be able to log them a certain number of times in a particular period (i.e. day, week, month, etc). There are two indications that you have reached the limit: On the Goals Profile page, the link below the description will disappear In the “My Top Goals” section the goal will appear as a plain text, not a link Once the period has expired these two indicators will return to normal and you will be able to log the goal again.

14 Current Games Available

15 Playing Games You can only play games when you have tokens available, to play the off-site games: First, select the number tokens to play Then click the action button for the game (Play, Fish, Throw, Spin, etc) Game specific help is available by clicking on “?” within game window

16 Playing Games: Multiple Tokens When you play multiple tokens in the games: The games will NOT multiply the points from the result display by the number of tokens played It will appear as though you have only played a single token. Only the action of the best individual game play result is displayed by the game, the points shown will indicate the total value of all tokens played and will be added to your running point total. To view a complete history of all game plays please go to "My Account History" on your Main page.

17 Using Snowfly: Redeeming Points To redeem you points: 1.Go to Redeem Points 2.Select the prize you would like to redeem or see more details about Notes: Please read the details on the prize page to learn how the prize is fulfilled You will not be able to redeem more points than you have available

18 Using Snowfly: Your Reloadable MasterCard® Debit Card 1.You’ll first need to register for a debit card before you’ll be able to load your points. It is recommended your register the 1 st time you login Debit card will arrive in 7 to 10 business days 2.After confirmation of successful registration you will see a new option to load your card. Funds will be available within 2 business days of load request

19 Using Snowfly: Your Reloadable MasterCard® Debit Card Key items to know about your Snowfly Card: 1.It’s important to monitor and inspect your mail closely after registering for your card because for security reasons it comes is a plain, white, non-descript envelop. Once you open the envelop the debit card will be a MasterCard on white plastic. 2.The card will need to be activated. Your activation code will be the last 4 digits of the phone number provided at the time of registration. 3.Even though this is a debit card, run the card as credit not debit to avoid a fee for PIN based transactions 4.You can get toll-free customer service when you need it by calling 888-265-8228 however we have a unique program so it’s IMPORTANT to identify your using the “Snowfly Program” when you talk to the representative. If the reps knows that then they will be more likely be able to get you the assistance you need.

20 Using Snowfly: Receiving Redeemed Prizes Amazon Gift Codes: gift codes for will be available instantly upon redeeming the prize. A confirmation page will display your unique gift code the can be entered at checkout at The code will also be retained and available for future reference in the “Previous Redemptions” section of “My Account History” on the Main page. Other Prizes: there may be other types of prizes presented to you as options. These items will be delivered to you by an HR representative.

21 Using Snowfly: Changing your Password Go to Personal Settings to change your password If you forget your password it will be need to be reset by your Snowfly administrator

22 Maximizing the Snowfly Experience Know Your Goals – Review key metrics on Goals Profile Play the Averages – More tokens played = More money on debit card

23 Getting Started To see some easy ways to get tokens during the rollout: Login & go to your Goals Profile page Check out the “Kickoff Activities” section

24 Things to Remember Access Information Playing Multiple Tokens Reading Comments More Tokens = More Money

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