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Pompeii and Herculaneum

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1 Pompeii and Herculaneum
Local political life Pompeii and Herculaneum Political system in Pompeii and Herculaneum Political bodies Women and politics Voting Amphitheatre Forum A real contest Bibliography

2 Engraved on the entrance on the Amphitheatre in Pompeii

3 Political Bodies The Aedile
An inscriptions written by a Aedile on the walls of Pompeii The Aedile Twenty pairs of gladiators provided by Quintus Monnius Rufus are to fight at Nola May First, Second, and Third, and there will be a hunt. The gladiatorial troop of the Aedile Aulius Suettius Certus will fight at Pompeii May 31. There will be a hunt, and awnings will be provided. An inscriptions written by a Aedile on the walls of Pompeii

4 Hall of the Aedile

5 The Duumviri The forum at Pompeii Office of the Duumvirs

6 The Duumviri Stated by Brian Brennan “During the year of their office the Duumviri wore the purple bordered toga, the toga praetexta”. THE TOGA A fresco from Pompeii of a Duumvir wearing a toga

7 The Duumviri Quinquennale
Inscripted on the walls of Pompeii by Gnaeus Alleius Nigidius Maius quinquennial duumvir. Thirty pairs of gladiators provided by Gnaeus Alleius Nigidius Maius quinquennial duumvir, together with their substitutes, will fight at Pompeii on November 24, 25, 26. There will be a hunt. Hurrah for Maius the Quinquennial! Bravo, Paris!

8 The Priesthood Inscripted on a wall of Pompeii by the priest Decimus Lucretius Satrius Valens Twenty pairs of gladiators furnished by Decimus Lucretius Satrius Valens perpetual priest of Nero, son of the Emperor, and ten pairs of gladiators furnished by Decimus Lucretius Valens his son, will fight at Pompeii April 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12. There will be a big hunt and awnings. Aemilius Celer wrote this by the light of the moon.

9 The Populus(citizens/voters)
Inscripted on a wall in Pompeii by a voter The inhabitants of the Campanian suburb ask for the election of Marcus Epidius Sabinus as aedile.

10 Women and politics Eumachia Eumachia’s office in the Forum of Pompeii
Statue of Eumachia

11 Euamachia Entrance to the Building of Eumachia (on the East side of the Forum of Pompeii)

12 Women and politics Mamia Tomb of Mamia, a priestess, West of Pompeii

13 Women and politics Political graffiti Translation
Asellina ran an entertainment house in Pompeii. This was written on the outside wall of her establishment in Pompeii 79A.D. Translation "Asellina and her girls urge you to vote for Gaius Lollius Fuscus for Minister of Public Affairs"

14 Women Frescoes from Pompeii

15 Women: Love letters "What notes, what love letters, though, There'd be to read if you opened the desk of your jealous whore!" (Juvenal, Satires, VI Why Marry?, ) “But why is Censennia the best of wives, as her husband swears? Her dowry was in the millions; at a price so right, he declares Her chaste...In turn, For her it bought liberty. She may flirt before his eyes And write love letters; the wealthy wife of a man who sighs For nothing but money is really unmarried in any case.” (Juvenal, Satires, VI Why Marry?, ).

16 Voting Inscriptions written on the walls of Pompeii by voters
The dyers request the election of Postumius Proculus as Aedile Make Lucius Caeserninus quinquennial duumvir of Nuceria, I beg you: he is a good man.

17 Amphitheatre rich poor
rich poor

18 Forum Inside of the forum Floor plan of the forum in Pompeii

19 Competition

20 Bibliography Background pictures:

21 Bibliography Information: 1. Secrets of Vesuvius textbook;
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22 \ Bibliography Information:
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23 By: Saiba Siddiqui

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