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New Classic Collection Line of Bedding

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2 New Classic Collection Line of Bedding
Premier Supreme Deluxe Ultimate

3 Foam Encased Lura-Flex™ Alternating Coil Support System
Fact IB Classic Collection features the most advanced offset coil system available with the added features of advanced 5 zone design, alternating coil layout, and full foam encasement Advantages Each coil is even and untapered for support that strengthens as the coil is compressed Each coil flexes independently for greater sensitivity to body contours creating balancing support from head to toe Smaller coil diameter creates better support for the comfort layers Benefits The Lura-Flex coil system is more sensitive to body contours, creating balanced support from head to toe

4 Foam Encased PowerEdge Bonnell Innerspring
Fact Double tempered, hour glass shaped heavy gauge steel, reinforced Bonnell support system Features foam edge support and strategically located Visco Memory Foam mid-body support Advantages The hour glass Bonnell coil is designed for durability and functions on a progressive rate of compression Superior edge firmness and added lumbar support Benefits Long lasting comfort and durability

5 Vertical Support System (VSS)
Fact All IB Classic Collection products are created with careful attention to detail using the principle of vertical support. This method of strategic design culminates in a higher level of comfort, conformability and meaningful support Advantages Each layer is placed in a way that maximizes its performance and support characteristics Each high quality layer functions in harmony with the other Benefits Greatly enhanced conformability and support Vertical Support System V S

6 Premium Comfort Materials
Fact IB Classic Collection sleep systems contain the highest quality specialized foam products and are rated above industry standards Advantages High density foam layers are not only more resilient but also afford a higher level of support and conformability Visco memory foam (center support zone) molds and shapes and enhances support where your body needs it the most Benefits The proper combination of these specialized layers yields a progressive soft to firm (support) feel This sophisticated design assists in relaxing tired muscles enabling you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer

7 More Natural Latex Fact Advantages Benefits
Classic Collection latex products contain a much higher percentage of latex rubber when compared to other national brands Advantages Less petro-chemical based synthetic latex when compared to other mattress manufacturers, naturally dust mite resistant, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic Benefits Durability, quality and comfort over many years as well as a conscientious commitment to a more eco-friendly environment

8 Natural and Renewable Soy
Fact All IB Classic Collection sleep systems are manufactured using Soy-Based Natural Foam Technology PBDE and CFC free, fully recyclable Advantages Assures the highest quality standard Greatly reduces environmental impact Benefits Provides complete comfort and durability over many years

9 Elegant Fabrics Fact Advantages Benefits
The elegant woven damask and specialized circular knit fabrics used to create IB Classic Collection beds are of superior quality and are designed to enhance comfort Advantages These carefully selected quality fabrics work in concert with the vertical support system (VSS) as circular knit covers stretch in all directions adding new dimension in comfort Woven damask fabrics are very durable Benefits Enhanced comfort and conformability Increased durability

10 Natural Flame Retardant Materials
Fact The IB Classic Collection product line consists of a chemical free “natural” fire barrier Advantages Inherent fire resistant fibers make it permanently flame retardant Does not cause skin sensitization or irritant reactions Biodegradable Moisture regulating properties provide comfort Meets or exceeds 15 international standards Benefits Promotes a non-toxic, healthy and safe sleep environment free of potentially harmful chemicals Chemical Free, Natural Fire Barrier

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