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Line of Luxury Bedding. International Bedding has built a reputation of manufacturing quality sleep products with unique and exclusive features since.

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1 Line of Luxury Bedding

2 International Bedding has built a reputation of manufacturing quality sleep products with unique and exclusive features since 1973 As a top 10 manufacturer with 7 wholly owned manufacturing facilities across the country, International Bedding can ship to both national and regional retailers Quality of materials, innovation and technology take center stage at International Bedding. With a touch of skill and craftsmanship, IB has established an exacting standard that customers truly appreciate as we enjoy the lowest return rate for defects in the industry when compared to all other national brands

3 Earths Treasure Natures Bounty Venus Moonscape

4 Fact –Origins latex core is segmented into 5 ergonomic zones of comfort and support Advantages –Provides balancing support and conformability to the lumbar region while gently easing firmness into the shoulder and upper body zones, then adding the support needed for the head and neck and lower legs and feet Benefits –Perfect spinal alignment and superior comfort –Helps create the perfect environment for a more restorative nights rest Should complete spinal support be optional?

5 Fact –Custom Telescoping Core technology is completely unique to Origins Advantages & Benefits –With a very specific allocation of latex as you travel deeper into the core, the latex responds with increased resistance to provide pure, conforming comfort The perfect combination of science, engineering, and nature.

6 Fact –Earths Treasure models have horizontal airflow channels built into the latex core that are designed for maximum air flow through the core of the sleep system Advantages –Maximizing the transfer of air through the core of your Origins mattress greatly improves your sleep environment. Ventilation and breathability improve hygiene and eliminate excess body moisture. This process stabilizes your body temperature while you sleep, resulting in a perfect night of rest Benefits –Provides freshness, support and conformability Too hot, too cold, or just right?

7 Fact –Origins latex products contain a much higher percentage of latex rubber when compared to other national brands Advantages –Less petro-chemical based synthetic latex when compared to other mattress manufacturers, naturally dust mite resistant, anti-microbial and hypo-allergenic Benefits –Durability, quality and comfort over many years as well as a conscientious commitment to a more eco-friendly environment How much latex is in your latex?

8 Fact –The Talalay process is a highly controlled, sophisticated latex manufacturing process that produces a high quality, very consistent latex Advantages –The sophisticated Talalay process is used to create the super-soft and breathable top layers of Origins Benefits –Provides pressure relief that surpasses other cushioning materials to provide deep, therapeutic sleep The ideal amount in exactly the right spots to create a perfect feel.

9 Fact –Origins products contain the highest quality 5.0 lb and the ultimate in support and conformability with 8.0 lb Venus Visco- Elastic Memory Foam Advantages –Advanced micro cellular technology developed by NASA allows memory foam to mold and shape itself to the bodys individual contours Benefits –Helps to relax tired muscles so you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer –Designed to relieve stress and alleviate pain Form - Fit - Function.

10 Fact –Leading edge nano-technology allows us to infuse silver ions into Origins quilted fabrics Advantages –Silver is recognized by modern medicine as the most effective naturally occurring anti-microbial agent –Silver is an anti-static defense as it conducts electricity very effectively –A proven fact that silver fiber has great anti-odor properties Benefits –Quilted fabrics that are healthy and contain other homeopathic benefits You never thought about it before?

11 Fact –Origins latex models are composed of the finest sustainable natural fibers enhanced with copper ions Advantages –Copper has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties Benefit –Provides a measure of protection against harmful germs and bacteria that can aggravate allergies –Known to alleviate the symptoms and inflammation of arthritis How healthy is your sleep environment?

12 Fact –Originss exclusive cover features natural silk blended with cotton Advantage –The most hypoallergenic of all fabrics and incredibly strong –Naturally breathable and moisture absorbent Benefit –Silk is elegant, has a soft luster and a beautiful drape giving you the most luxurious of fabrics –Helps regulate body temperature to keep you cool and comfortable What do you visualize when you hear the word silk?

13 Fact –The Origins product line consists of a chemical free natural fire barrier Advantages Inherent fire resistant fibers make it permanently flame retardant Does not cause skin sensitization or irritant reactions Biodegradable Moisture regulating properties provide comfort Meets or exceeds 15 international standards Benefit –Promotes a non-toxic, healthy and safe sleep environment free of potentially harmful chemicals 100% TB1633 national fire code compliant.

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