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Bruck Group Darren OLoughlin Damian Arthur +61 3 94743000

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1 Bruck Group Darren OLoughlin Damian Arthur

2 Introduction Australias largest manufacturer of woven fabrics Founded in 1946 Major supplier to the Australian Defence Force of Combat and Non-Combat Apparel fabrics since 1970 Fully vertical operation with warping, weaving, dyeing, printing, coating, finishing and lamination within one facility


4 R&D Bruck is involved in research projects for future capabilities working with Australias leading R&D organizations including: Defence Science & Technology organization (DSTO) Commonwealth Science & Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) Royal Melbourne Institute of Tech (RMIT) These projects continue to focus on developing fabrics to improve soldier comfort, protection and operational conditions

5 Military Product Range Camouflage Combat uniform fabric Waterproof breathable laminated fabric for wet weather jackets and trousers Windproof breathable laminate fabric for cold weather outerwear 100% Cotton flame retardant Tank Crew uniform fabric Nomex ® flight suit fabric Chemical Biological protective laminated fabrics High Performance Merino Wool blend knits for cold weather undergarments Flame retardant windproof breathable laminate fabric for cold weather outerwear Anti-ballistic fabrics for personal and vehicle armour

6 Chemical Biological (CB) Protective Laminate fabric next generation fabric being developed in conjunction with DSTO Non Disclosure Agreement in place the CB fabric is currently under final stages of evaluation at DSTO providing optimum protection against relevant threats enhanced comfort via weight reduction inherent FR laminate including no melt or drip water & oil repellent

7 FR Field Outerwear inherent FR laminate no melt or drip enhanced comfort high insulation excellent breathability excellent mechanical resistance very good water repellence (wash durable) waterproof

8 High Performance Merino Wool Blend (FR knit) Fine micron wool can be worn against skin without discomfort or irritation Inherently fire retardant No melt or drip Antistatic High comfort level, attributed to superior moisture management and stretch properties of selected knits Stretch and recovery properties of these knits allow for a close fit Three weights available for layering or single layer use, depending on climate, protection requirements etc (170gsm, 210gsm & 280gsm)

9 Bruck Group Darren OLoughlin Damian Arthur



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