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North Hills Preparatory Tony J. Walker Inspire Counselor.

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1 North Hills Preparatory Tony J. Walker Inspire Counselor

2 57% of all students that decide college is ‘not for them’, do so after their 2 nd semester of college The most significant factors which contribute to college success are “feeling connected to the university and feeling supported” (Dixon, Rayle & Chung, 2007) Those who struggle with the adjustment towards independent living, have a significantly higher chance of not performing as well in college, or dropping out, as their more independent peers. Strong psycho-social support equates to “greater persistence” in students. (Nicpon et al, 2006)

3 * At North Hills Preparatory, College Success is CENTRAL to our mission statement. We believe that we prepare our students for college academically. Now, we extend our commitment to our families with the INSPIRE program to ensure that North Hills Alumni are ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL.

4 * Students transition well to the College and University setting. * Students achieve high academically in post-secondary education * Students are physically, emotionally and mentally healthy, and positioned to live happy, productive lives. * Students are prepared to live independently, manage their time, be financially wise, build effective college schedules, manage social networks, etc. * Students forever feel supported and connected to North Hills Prep; their second home.

5 * The Inspire Counselor will be in regular contact with alumni to ensure their well-being and academic and personal success * School sponsored events, such as transition workshops, financial aid workshops, health and wellness sessions, individual counseling, fun alumni activities, get-togethers, reunions * Honest conversations about academic performance, financial need, resources, etc.

6 * Currently sitting at $3, 453,128.00 from 33/87 seniors * 9 have scholarships covering more than 50% of tuition costs

7 Tony J. Walker (972) 501-0645

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