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Dual Enrollment Opportunities for High School Students.

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1 Dual Enrollment Opportunities for High School Students

2 Dual Enrollment Dual enrollment typically occurs when a student still in high school or home schooled takes a college course with the potential of earning both high school credit and college credit.

3 Statewide Articulation Agreement Technical College Courses Transferable To Public Senior Institutions* Currently there are over 80 transferable courses on the agreement list in South Carolina. These specific courses are listed in the PDF version of the Central Carolina catalog. These courses include English Composition, College Algebra, General Psychology, American History and many more offered at Central Carolina. * For specific transferability questions see

4 Receive 1 Carnegie Unit per 3 credit hour course Numerical Average Letter Grade College Prep HonorsAP/IB Dual Enrollment 85B3.0003.5004.000 Ex: Student who has completed English Composition I Increase high school GPA! Benefits of Dual Enrollment

5 Additional Benefits High School students may… Gain an early start to their college career. Gain exposure to the rigor of ‘true’ college classes for ease of transition. Benefit from affordability. Use Student Learning Center, Career Services Center, Library, etc. Access CCTC Student Services opportunities for counseling and financial aid questions. Take classes other than those on the transferrable list i.e. technical classes etc.

6 Dual Enrollment Student’s Responsibilities Require… Placement into Dual Enrollment classes with Asset, ACT, SAT, etc. Communication with guidance counselors. Completion of Application Packet. Studying at college level AND keeping class schedules. Commitment and time management. Satisfactory performance to earn credit and keep Lottery Tuition Assistance. Fees, Textbooks, and supplies paid before classes begin.

7 Financial Aid for Dual Enrollment Courses Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is not required for high school students wanting to participate in Dual Enrollment. FAFSA is required for Fall semester of true freshman year. (During Spring semester of senior high school year) South Carolina high school students may be eligible for Lottery Tuition Assistance, which pays about 60% of tuition. Other financial aid resources may be available for public school students.

8 Lottery Tuition Assistance Overview (LTA) Available semester-by- semester; renew yearly Funds paid directly to College with LTA Form Must be a resident of South Carolina AND take 6 or more credit hours per semester All criteria must be met Guidelines/regulations established yearly during each legislative session (Commission on Higher Education enforces) Accepting lottery tuition assistance does not preclude receiving a Life, Palmetto Fellows, or private scholarship.

9 Conclusion High school student can take advantage of an outstanding opportunity to get a jump start on a successful college journey. High school student can make it possible to become an exemplary college bound leader: research states these students graduate/complete college ‘on time’, with higher GPA than non-dual enrollment students. High school student can have a smoother transition from high school to postsecondary education with Dual Enrollment.

10 Contact: Jennifer Black 803-778-6616

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