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Working with young people to discover their future Helena Bryce – Training Manager Calman Trust 2010.

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1 Working with young people to discover their future Helena Bryce – Training Manager Calman Trust 2010

2 Housing Support Training and support to engage at school Employability Training Employment Arts Project Digital Media Project Financial Inclusion Project Calman Trust 2010

3 Teams in Alness and Inverness Working with young people 16 and 25 Support up to 150 people per year Over 50% self refer Individual support plans Calman Trust 2010

4 2 : 1 Gender split More than 50% of female service users have one or more children May have experienced significant drug or alcohol use About 17% have been looked after Lack of long term employment opportunities More than 50% believe that they have learning difficulties or mental health difficulties 40% history of offending Limited life skills Calman Trust 2010

5 Significant issues in relation to sustainability, and economic independence Members of the Inspiring Scotland portfolio which enabled the development of training services Calman Trust 2010

6 1:1 with individuals who have disengaged at school or who are at risk of NEET Initial support with planning and building support networks Aim to re-integrate at school Further training Calman Trust 2010

7 Small groups looking at individuals aspirations, skills and training needs Working to build initial employability skills Can be as part of school timetable or post school Work towards nationally recognised qualifications Progress onto next stage training within our internal businesses Calman Trust 2010

8 Developing further employability skills A real work environment Involvement of customer service Peer education Range of qualifications Can move into Employment, Further Education or training Employment which may be within Calman Calman Trust 2010

9 Ten year commitment Can re-engage at any time Building relationships with employers and further education/training providers Calman Trust 2010

10 Providing information and advice in a range of formats including pod casting, short films, use of the web Incorporating young people into the production process as a training option Aimed at prevention of homelessness and improved partnership working Calman Trust 2010

11 Support to open bank accounts and develop money management skills Young people involved in development of a toolkit designed to help improve money management skills Support to achieve qualifications in personal financial management Calman Trust 2010

12 High quality experience of creative artistic activity for young people May link into or lead into formal training options Interpersonal and social skills building Social networking Through association with Calman training, can lead to qualifications, employment Calman Trust 2010

13 Transitions to employment

14 Little or no experience of workplace Sometimes lack of qualifications Little understanding of expectations of employers, further education and training providers Few employment opportunities Money Education has not been positive experience

15 Working with many agencies No positive role model Not identified early enough Lack of effective assessment of needs and aspirations Feelings of failure and low self esteem – too often reinforced through inappropriate or badly planned or managed intervention

16 Most employers: Have had a poor experience of young people Have struggled to recruit into entry level posts Have identified significant skills gaps

17 Young people need: to be identified early effective assessment of needs and aspirations an individualised training plan to achieve an outcome - one size does not fit all to be in control to measure their progress to always be in the right place, with the right support at the right time to decide they are ready to progress to work or further education/training

18 a range of training and work experience opportunities a chance to gain knowledge and understanding and demonstrate competence a chance to gain qualifications employment within Calman advice, guidance & practical help to achieve and sustain the associated life changes

19 there must be a starting point where they want to go and how to get there what will be required of them in work, college or a training place what they progress onto will require dedication and enthusiasm there are parts of every job that might not be the most enjoyable but they still need to be done well they can have support to sustain their progression, and the benefits of using this support

20 New centre Support from SQA Identify qualifications that fit Calman Trust 2010

21 What trainers/assessors like: Best natural fit for learners Available at 2 levels Easy to manage with a group of learners Little additional work Initially used SQA instruments of assessment Calman Trust 2010

22 What do young people learn: What jobs are available and what fits with what they want to do and that are realistic in terms of skills/qualities match How to apply for jobs – whats required What do employers expect from you What you should expect from them Understand the difference between education, further education and the world of work Calman Trust 2010

23 What learners like: They get a nationally recognised qualification for what they are doing with us anyway Discovering and valuing their existing skills, identifying progression options including employment and the differences different tasks that appeal to a range of learning styles Feel more confident in further learning Calman Trust 2010

24 Gain skills to: Obtain employment Sustain employment Calman Trust 2010

25 Practical context units Work related skills – many transferrable Range – sit with our in-house business activities, e.g. Digital Media, Arts, events management, ICT, Graphic design, hospitality and food preparation We can deliver these in-house or others we dont provide with partners/employers through work experience Flexibility to work more collaboratively with schools/providers – we could provide the work experience opportunities Calman Trust 2010


27 Working with young people to discover their future Calman Trust 2010

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