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Information for High School CAOs and Principals May 2011.

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1 Information for High School CAOs and Principals May 2011

2  Student-driven  Goal setting and specific milestones to be achieved each year of high school  Discussed twice yearly with a counselor  Personal, academic and career interests  Can be shared with parents, coaches, and teachers  Available on line in What’s Next Illinois

3 Learn to set goals or adjust goals Learn about who I am and what my interests are What are the academic and other requirements to achieve my goals Learn to express my accomplishments to others Reviewing progress against goals yearly

4 Freshman Set goals Identify career interests and back mapping academic requirements Course Plan Builder Sophomore College and Career Planner Resume Builder Personality and Learning Style Assessment Junior Complete test preparation Research college choices Scholarship Search Senior Apply to college or for a job Apply for scholarships and financial aid (FAFSA) Decide on final post secondary plan

5  Students with plans are more likely to enroll in postsecondary education  74% of CPS students with a concrete plan enrolled in college, 20% higher than CPS average (SEQ, class of 2009)  Students ownership = Student engagement and success

6  CPS adopted the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model  25% - 35% of a school counselor’s time should be individual student planning  A standard district tool to support school counselors  Richer conversations  Systematic review of students’ progress against goals, graduation status, and postsecondary plans  Component of CPS 3 year Counseling Plan

7  25 States and the District of Columbia mandate ILPs for ALL students  Not yet required in Illinois Source: State Survey on Individual Learning Plans (Naviance, February 2009 – updated, 2011)

8  Phase I – 2011 Freshman Connection Pilot  9 th graders attending Freshman Connection (42% freshman)  Goal Setting lesson, 1 on 1 conferences, and at least one 9 th grade Milestone completed  Career Interest Inventory or Course Plan Builder  Saved in ILP Portfolio in What’s Next Illinois  Student and Staff evaluations of the ILP pilot  School and district level; prepare for Phase II in the fall  OCCP team available for support  Phase II – 2011 Fall Semester  ALL CPS 9 th grade students

9  Spring 2012  OCCP ILP reviews during the spring and summer of 2012 to ensure that every student in the Class of 2015 has a concrete ILP  Review and Re-commit Checkpoint with leadership  Every student from the Class of 2015 forward is expected to have an ILP updated and reviewed annually during each year of their high school career

10  School Counselor Professional Development on May 10 th, 2011 as a part of Freshman Connection Training  Additional, in-depth ILP trainings on May 27, June 3, and June 10, 2011  ILP Resources on  ILP questions? Contact us -


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