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Amazon Web Services September 2005 Werner Vogels Vice President & Chief Technology Officer.

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1 Amazon Web Services September 2005 Werner Vogels Vice President & Chief Technology Officer


3 What is Online Retailer –More than 50 million active customer accounts –Seven countries: US, UK, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, China E-commerce Platform –975,000+ active seller accounts Technology Provider –120,000+ developers registered to use Amazon Web Services –Hundreds of thousands of Associates

4’s Global Operation 7 Web sites 9,000 Employees 20 Fulfillment Centers Worldwide Ship To More Than 225 Countries 49% of all shipments are delivered outside of the USA (2004) 44% of worldwide net sales is from the international segment (2004)

5 Fulfillment and Warehouse Center

6’s Global Development Main goal is to drive innovation on behalf of customers Innovation in many areas –E-commerce –Search ( –Amazon Web Services –Personalization –Supply Chain –Seller Platforms –Digital Initiatives Small, loosely-coupled development teams comprised of the world’s brightest software developers and computer scientists Teams in the US, UK, India and South Africa

7 Customers Buyers – over 50 million active customer accounts Sellers – More than 975,000 active seller accounts –26% of total units worldwide in Q4 2004 were sold by third parties Web Search Users - Users of search technology Web Site Owners (Associates) – people who own Web sites and link to Amazon in return for referral fees. Hundreds of thousands active associates. Developers – people who use Amazon Web Services to create applications and productivity tools. –More than 120,000 registered developers

8 Amazon E-commerce Technology Platform

9 Search CatalogPaymentsAssociates SimilaritiesOrder Pipeline 1-Click Shopping Cart Personalization Wish List MarketplaceForecastingSeller Tools ProductsCustomersOrders Internationalmuch more…Distribution Reviews Features Content,.ca,,.de,.fr,, Web sites

10 Over 975,000 Active Seller Accounts

11 Amazon Web Services Shoppers Developers

12 The Amazon Web Services Mission Expose the atomic-level pieces of the platform so that software developers can build their own innovative and revenue-generating Web sites and applications.

13 The Web Services Concept @ Amazon The Programmable Web Site: –Highly interoperable programming interface –Remote access to data and functionality –Decoupling of data and presentation –Creation of a platform to attract software developers –Unlocking creativity –Leveraging technology investment

14 Why Does Amazon offer Web Services? Amazon has valuable data and technology –Partners (Associates, sellers) want our data and technology –Third-party developers extend Amazon’s technology platform –They surprise us by building features we never thought of Lead ecommerce and Web development –Driving fundamental shift in software development –Leveraging others’ innovation –Empowering entrepreneurs –Facilitate the introduction into new markets

15 AWS Roots The very successful Associates program required better tools –for building more complex web sites –For addressing an ever expanding dynamic item collection The mobile Amazon Anywhere program –Innovation on the mobile platform –Addressing different form factors, interface languages & connection types –Separating data from UI –Server side data pre-processing

16 AWS Components Amazon Technology Platform Products History Customers Amazon Web Sites AWS – Amazon Web Services Amazon E-Commerce Service (ECS) Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) Amazon Management Service Seller Integration Amazon Simple Queue Service

17 AWS Dataflow

18 AWS - E-Commerce Service (ECS) Detailed information on all Amazon.* products –Real-time pricing and inventory information Millions of product images Customer-created content –Reviews, Wish Lists, etc. Extended search Remote Shopping Cart

19 History: AWS-ECS version 1.0 - July 2002 Oriented around Product Display services Ability to retrieve product information via Keywords, ASIN, Browse Node, Lists, Manufacturer, Artist, Author, etc. Ability to modify Shopping Cart through addition of 1 or more items. Ability to maintain client-side cookies (a client-side shopping cart) before posting updates to's Shopping Cart Ability to view lowest 3rd Party offering prices. Ability to use SOAP and XML/HTTP. Ability to transform results into various Mark-up languages using XSLT service Heavy and Lite response formats Paging Capabilities for some retrieval methods.

20 History: AWS-ECS version 2.0 - October 2002 Driven by direct Associate & Developer feedback Ability to sort results by alpha, featured, price, pub. date, or avg. customer review Oriented around 3rd Party Offering Display Pages ( SDP centric-> new, used, collectible, refurbished ) Ability to do all product search True availability information Browse Node ID/Name information Integrated Shopping Cart Service Support via the OA/ECOS servers Ability to search for Wish lists via ID Ability to allow 3rd parties to split-up a customer's ordering experience Documentation which allows the addition of marketplace items to the shopping cart or customers to enter the order pipeline.

21 History: AWS-ECS version 2.1 - March 2003 Feedback from Associates and developer indicating a need to access the international sites. Access to and marketplace offerings via the 1.0 & 2.0 interfaces Bug fix release

22 History: AWS-ECS version 3.0 - May 2003 Targeted at very big website developers who wanted co-branded order pipelines, etc. Increased Amazon internal use of web services. Complete Web Services Developer Studio that contains upload, download, tools, and links to online resources and examples. Rights management for select partners: Silver, Gold, Platinum Support for 1-Click True Co-Branded Order Pipeline available to select Silver/Gold/Platinum merchants/partners True Co-Branded Account Creation/Manipulation available to select Platinum merchants/partners First level of ISV/3rd party development company support of complete platform

23 AWS-ECS version 4.0 - October 2004 A lessons-learned & maturing release, largely based on customer feedback Establishing ECS as a solid platform for future development Access to all international sites Additional product information Additional product images All customer reviews Extended search Enhanced shopping cart Wish list search Precise response groups Multi-operation and batch operations Detailed error messages Self-describing help

24 AWS E-Commerce (ECS) Data Types and Functions Shopping Cart - Create, Modify, Add, Get Catalog - Search Catalog Item - Lookup, Similarity Lookup Customer Content - Lookup Seller - Lookup Seller Listing - Lookup Transaction - Lookup List – Search, Lookup

25 Who uses Web Services Over 120,000 developers Associates Marketplace Sellers and Merchants General Developers Integrators and Solution Providers

26 Associate Example Registered Associate Allows customers to shop for virtually any product sells Built technologies that does not offer, like a comparison engine Paid by every time someone clicks on a product and makes a purchase on


28 Marketplace Seller Example Registered Marketplace seller Built technology that lets employees scan barcodes, price, and list books in a matter of seconds Adds 10,000 books every day (250,000 total listings) Makes more money because they can list more books at more competitive prices

29 Solution Provider Example Built scanning device for “book scouts” –Scan the barcode, send call to Amazon, see prices, inventory, reviews – on site, instantly! Marketplace sellers can buy inventory smarter Scoutpal Subscription is $9.95/month or $29.85/quarter ScoutPal founder Dave Anderson

30 Integration Provider Example Early AWS developer Helps retailers integrate with Amazon Marketplace Helped Savers Inc. sell thousands of books a week instead of paying to recycle them Monsoon’s solutions built on AWS allow retailers to: –Manage, upload inventory –Price competitively –Fulfill orders

31 Alexa Web Information Service (AWIS) 1.0 Highlights Alexa Web Information Service Access to 100 TB of Alexa crawl data 4 billion web pages 5 functions: –URL information –Browse Category –Web Search –Crawl Meta Data –Web Map

32 Amazon Simple Queue Service –Scalable, hosted queue –Build distributed applications –Up to 4,000 items per queue –Up to 4,096 queues per subscriber Producer #1 Producer #3 Producer #2 Amazon Simple Queue Consumer

33 Getting Started with Web Services Register for a Subscription Id Read discussion board Attend weekly chats Receive Newsletter Build application

34 Questions ?


36 Some Other Examples built with ECS Hive Group Honeycomb WWWInkazon Pluck Music Plasma




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