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Job Search Tips For Working Parents Harcum College Office of Career & Transfer Services.

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1 Job Search Tips For Working Parents Harcum College Office of Career & Transfer Services

2 Today’s Workshop Will Address: Job Search Strategies Striving For Work/Life Balance Flex Work Arrangements Jobs That Offer Flexibility Telecommuting Career Options

3 Job Search Strategies Networking Change Careers Update Resume Volunteer Further Education

4 Job Search Strategy » Networking Verbal Resumes/Elevator Speech Informational Interviews Contact Former Employers, Co-workers, etc. Make sure you project confidence/enthusiasm!

5 Job Search Strategy » Change Career Is Your Current or Past Career TOO Demanding? If So, Ask Questions About Your Values & What You Want To Do With Your Life Reflect On What You Enjoyed Most About Past Jobs…Can You Find This In Other Professions?

6 Job Search Strategy » Update Resume Create Or Revise Your Resume Highlight Any Volunteer/Community Experience To Fill Employment Gaps Change Category Titles Use An Explanation Letter

7 Job Search Strategy » Volunteer Update of Learn New Skills Seek An Internship Opportunity Can Help Establish Professional Contacts

8 Job Search Strategy » More Education New Options For Financial Aid New Options For Distance/Online Learning Build On Previous Education Or Try Something New

9 Job Search Strategy » Past Boss Contact Former Employers That Have A Good Chance Of Taking You Back Better Chance To Negotiate A Flex-Work Environment

10 Job Search Strategy » Find Mentor Identify Someone You Admire In The Field To Guide And Connect You Might Be Someone Already In A Field That You Would Like To Get Into

11 Job Search Strategy » Give It Time!!! Job Searches Take 3-6 Months Or Longer To Re-Enter The Work Force Schedule 1-2 Hours Per Day For A Job Search Use Any And All Opportunities!!!

12 Alternative Work Arrangements » FWA FWA = Flexible Work Arrangements Allow Flexibility In Scheduling Of Hours Provides Flexibility In Number Of Hours

13 Alternative Work Arrangements » FWS FWS = Flexible Work Schedules Employee May Vary Start/End Times Or Days Still Must Work A Required Number Of Hours Example: Longer MTW, Shorter TH, F

14 Jobs That Offer Flexibility Part Time Seasonal High Demand High Turnover

15 Alternative Work Arrangements » TC TC = Telecommuting Work From Home Instead Of Office Need To Be Disciplined And Need Quiet Area May Still Need To Go To Office On Occassion

16 Jobs That Offer Telecommuting Computer-Based Jobs Telephone-Based Jobs Companies That Are More Online- Based

17 Alternative Work Arrangements » JS JS = Job Sharing 2 Employees Split Duties Of A Full Time Position Salaries & Benefits Usually Pro-rated Example: Person 1: Mon, Tues, AM Wed Person 2: PM Wed, Thurs, Fri

18 AWA’s» How To Propose Consider Employer’s Perspective: Pitch Your Proposal & How They Will Benefit Build Your Skills: More Skills, More Valuable Think Small: 50 to 99 Employee Company

19 Work/Life Balance» Strive For It Ask Employer For A Change In Work Schedule -Research Company Policies -Show How You Will Be More Valuable Consider A New Career Or Less Stressful Job -Step Back In The Field -Find A New Job/Environment

20 Work/Life Balance» Strive For It Change How You Schedule Your Time -Schedule ‘Down Time’ Between Meetings -Purposely Schedule Nothing Manage Your Time -Set Realistic Goals & Deadlines -Set Time Aside Today To Plan For Tomorrow

21 Work/Life Balance» Strive For It Share or Find Support -Ask For Help From Partner, Friends, Etc. Set Priorities -List By Level Of Importance & Deadlines Let Things Go! -Don’t Beat Yourself Over The Head

22 Work/Life Balance» Hardest Tip Learn To Say… No

23 Graham Bottrel Director of Career & Transfer Services Contact Information: 610-526-6047

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