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JOB SEARCH STRATEGIES Career Services. STEPS TO SUCCESS Self Assessment Research & Exploration Prepare Materials & Develop Job Search Skills Networking.

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2 STEPS TO SUCCESS Self Assessment Research & Exploration Prepare Materials & Develop Job Search Skills Networking Conduct Job Search

3 Self Assessment Identify your: 1. Values 2. Interests 3. Skills 4. Accomplishments 5. Experiences 6. Goals

4 Research & Exploration Conduct Informational Interviews Professional Associations Professors Professionals in the field Research the job market: Where are the jobs? Who is hiring? What career fields are in demand? What are the qualifications needed (certificates, education, etc) **Begin to target potential employers

5 Research Online Resources Occupational Outlook Handbook: JobWeb: Career Library section has extensive listings under “General References” to assist in employer research MyPerfectGig A unique application that links Engineering and Technology companies' job requisitions and needs to your skills and availability. Provides in depth and real-time industry information on employment demand. Career Services: Current lists of employers for each discipline locally and nationally

6 Preparation & Materials Resume, Cover Letter, transcripts, etc Targeted to position & industry References Past employers Professors/Instructors Volunteer Associations Interview skills Participate in mock interviews if possible. Practice answering interview questions.

7 Marketing Preparation Develop Marketing & Conversational skills Networking, presentations, interviews, etc Professional interview attire (Eventually Career) Suit, slacks, shoes, accessories, etc Prepare for several options since you might have second & third interviews Professional voice mail/email service and professional sounding messages and nicknames.

8 Networking Develop a career network: (The “hidden” job market) Assess your current network and that of your parents, relatives, friends. Include a list of whom each of them know. Tell everyone you know that you are conducting a job search and ask for their assistance.

9 Networking Contacts Sources of Contacts: Professors, administrators, graduate students, or alumni. Supervisors from any previous jobs including internships or part-time jobs. Members of professional associations. Friends, relatives, or contacts from community.

10 Effective Networking Making new contacts or cold calling: Contact by phone or email first. Be sure to mention mutual acquaintances early on. Prepare a script of what you are going to say in advance (if on the phone). Proofread email messages and be sure to use proper spelling and grammar. Successful contact Be prepared to concisely discuss your qualifications and what you expect from this contact. Try to schedule a personal meeting or informational interview. Reassure the contact that you will only need 20 or 30 minutes of their time.

11 Effective Networking Do not ask for a job during the first conversation. Ask for career information and advice in your job search. Manners go a long way. No way to get around “Please, thank you, I appreciate, it was so nice of you” Always follow up on successful contacts Be sure to thank them for their assistance.

12 Plan and Conduct Job Search Commit a considerable amount of time A job search can be thought of as a full- time job in itself. Start the process early Especially research and preparation. Do not wait until the last semester before graduation to begin the process.

13 Plan and Conduct Job Search Job Search Tracking Spreadsheet or binder with all your job search correspondence, notes, list of network contacts and applications, notes on when to follow up on applications, a calendar of important dates, etc. **Refer to it frequently and follow up on anything that you need to take care of.

14 Conduct Job Search Pursue advertised vacancies College Central Network Popular job listing websites such as Career Builder, Monster Employer websites Professional association websites Classified ads – most are online ***Do not blindly submit resumes, make the connection***

15 Plan and Conduct Job Search Improve your chances Target your resume to the job description. Personalize your response as much as possible. Follow up with hiring manager if possible.

16 Conduct Job Search Finding the “hidden” jobs: Utilize your career network contacts. If you started that process early, they should know you well by the time you need to start applying for jobs. Get pass the Gatekeeper and follow up with hiring managers when possible.

17 Maximizing Online Resources Realize that most employers, especially large ones, will only accept resumes through online systems. Target your resume to their system and the openings they have available. Use online job listing sites to post your resume but also to learn who is hiring. Applying directly to the company is preferred. **Do not get stuck in this trap: avoiding employers with a difficult recruitment process

18 Maximizing Online Resources Protecting Privacy: Be careful of posting your resume and personal information on job posting sites before reading their site’s privacy policy. Never give out your Social Security Number or any financial information on third party job posting site.

19 Protecting your References Privacy Only disclose reference information when specifically requested by hiring employer This will allow you the opportunity to give your references a heads up when applying to positions

20 Final Advice Be persistent A successful job search takes a lot of hard work and time. Take control of your job search You are the one ultimately responsible for your job search. Be flexible! Do not create your own obstacles by developing job search goals that cannot be met. Stay positive! A positive attitude is a must.

21 Career Services Part-time and full-time job postings – College Central Network Internships & Co-op Federal Work-study Florida Work Experience Program Workshops Resume & cover letter critiques Career Fair & Employer Day Mock interviews 321.674.8102 Keuper Bldg Room

22 Questions? Contact Us Dona Gaynor, Director Elizabeth Farney, Assistant Director

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