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Pam Richter – Technology Librarian Baldwin Borough Public Library Job Searching in the Digital Age.

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1 Pam Richter – Technology Librarian Baldwin Borough Public Library Job Searching in the Digital Age

2 FAQs on applying for jobs online Why online? Why can’t I print out an application from the site? Why can’t I go onto the next page? Where do I start to look for jobs? Will it save my application? What’s my username and password? Why do I need a username and password?

3 Job Searching Where do I even start?

4 Websites & Places to Get Started Some jobs are still posted in the Classifieds of the paper. Many will say to apply online. Give you a site or have to go to a company’s site. Can look on a specific company’s page to apply. Usually at the bottom of the page. Look for words like: Employment Career Opportunities

5 Where to look on a website? Very small. Difficult to see or read.


7 Pittsburgh and Western PA job sites Imagine Pittsburgh Online career listings from 10 counties in PA. for Pittsburgh National site Narrow by location Job Gateway State of PA’s official site. Not just teaching positions Other jobs at schools Allegheny County Job Site City of Pittsburgh Job Page

8 How to search these sites? A lot of them will ask you to search by position or by location You can search by all openings as well. After you click on the “Careers” link, a lot of time it will take you to a general career page Get information about the company and working for them.



11 Job Applying How do I fill out those online applications?

12 Getting Started Every online application will ask you for a username and password You have to create an account to get started. Save you in the system so you can return You do need an email address to apply to jobs, this is how they will notify you about the status of the application. Some applications a username is an email address, some it is just a unique name Choose a “safe” password Does not have to be the same as your email password. WRITE it down! Have a list of all of your usernames and passwords so you can sign back in on different sites.




16 Creating a Password

17 Online Applications Ensure your application is professional Add more detail to the most relevant work experience and why your history qualifies you for this position. Some will ask you to send your resume and cover letter by email, while others will direct you to an online application. Begin your email with a cover letter message, just like you would send a cover letter. Many employers will ask you to fill out a job application even if you submitted a resume.

18 Online Job Applications Don’t use a computer’s back button to return to a previous page. Use the form’s back button Use the save as draft button if an online form takes longer to complete than you have time available. Avoid over-clicking buttons. Can freeze/cancel your application. Anything with a red asterisk is mandatory * You must complete this field in order to advance to the next page Some questions are optional Some things have to be typed in a specific format Ex) Dates

19 Keep on applying… Allow at least an hour per online application Opt to upload your resume if possible, so you don’t have to type the same information in. Every online job application is different. Follow instructions carefully. Online job searching is most useful when combined with other job search methods, such as networking and making connections

20 Resumes What should be included in a resume Contact information Previous work experience Education history How to make a resume Microsoft Word Templates Many online applications will ask you to paste your resume in a box or attach it. Good to have a resume saved, so you don’t need to type it up every time you apply for a job.

21 Cover Letters What are cover letters? Brief introduction about yourself What skills you have that will work with the job position Usually about a page or so Address it to the company or position you are applying too Look at the job description for what you should include in the cover letter. On some applications, a cover letter is optional.

22 Tips to take with you

23 Write it Down! Have a list of personal information with you when you go to apply for a job. Including: Work history (company name, contact information, supervisor name and title) Educational history (school name, contact information, type of degree or graduation date) Create a past job history document. Have a list of four references ready. Create a list of proficiencies and certifications. Keep a list of jobs that you applied

24 Be Accurate & Honest! Make sure your application is as accurate as possible. Correct spelling Correct grammar Many jobs will conduct a background check Some applications may ask you if you have ever been convicted of committing a crime. Ask for the date and what it was.

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