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Chapter 5 Effective Strategies to Get the Job You Want: Resumes and Job Search Skills Copyright 2011. Raymond Gerson.

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1 Chapter 5 Effective Strategies to Get the Job You Want: Resumes and Job Search Skills Copyright 2011. Raymond Gerson

2 Chapter Objectives To create a model job application form to be used when filling out applications for employment To learn how to create an effective resume To learn how to write a cover letter To become familiar with a variety of effective job search strategies

3 Trends in the Job Market Information age Global competition Less permanent jobs Many careers in a lifetime More competition for jobs Fewer jobs for high school graduates and dropouts Knowledge of computers and technology needed Good jobs require thinking and problem solving skills

4 Tips for Filling-out Job Applications Fill it out at home if possible At job site bring a model application as a guide Bring all necessary information, references, etc. Bring a resume Follow instructions Write neatly and check spelling and grammar Be honest, but don’t add unnecessary negative information Complete, sign and date application

5 More About Job Applications Employers will form an opinion of you by your application If it is poorly done you will probably not get an interview The purpose of the job application is to get an interview Please do Activity 5.1

6 Your Resume Your resume is like a sales brochure to market yourself It often is the first impression of you Always send a cover letter when you mail in a resume When possible set up an interview and take your resume Follow-up mailed in resumes with a phone call to the hiring authority to make sure it was received Activity 5.2 Helps you to identify what you already know and need to know about resumes

7 General Tips for Resumes Use language that sounds natural State a job objective Tailor job objective to job you are pursuing List highest education first You can list projected graduation date With limited experience list P.T. and summer jobs and volunteering Use action verbs to start sentences and show skills One page is long enough for students with limited work experience Use keywords similar to those in the job description

8 Types of Resumes Chronological – Provides dates of employment and is best for students Functional – Emphasizes skills and experience Combined – Uses features of both chronological and functional See examples in Chapter 5 Please do Activities 5.3-5.9

9 Cover Letter When mailing a resume send a cover letter with it The cover letter is to create interest in an employer reading your resume Send your resume and cover letter directly to the hiring authority when possible See example of a cover letter in Chapter 5 Please do Activity 5.10

10 Job Search Strategies Network – Contact people you know for help. Let them know the type of job you are seeking. Contact: Family members, teachers or professors and school counselors Friends Past employers People at businesses where you are a customer Professionals – Your minister, dentist, etc.

11 Job Search Strategies (Cont’d) When researching companies of possible interest consider: Type and size of company Products or services Job requirements How company is doing Location Pay and benefits Management style

12 Job Search Technique 1 Make a list of people who might help you and call them Ask for names of people who work for companies of interest Ask them for names of two people who work at jobs you want Call and find out more about their jobs Ask for their employer's names Contact these employers for an interview

13 Job Search Technique 2 Go to the library and ask the librarian to show you directories for researching companies Use O’Net to find job descriptions of interest Contact companies with these jobs Find out the name of the hiring authority Contact the hiring authority and ask for an interview

14 Effective and Ineffective Job Search Strategies Getting to know yourself is the best first step Using direct contact strategies works best Sending out lots of resumes (especially without follow-up) is usually ineffective Want ads and employment agencies provide a low percentage of success Taking charge of your search is best See form for keeping records in Appendix

15 Geographical Preferences Activities 5.11 and 5.12 address geographical locations where you prefer to work and live See how to conduct a long distance job search in Chapter 5

16 Summary of Main Points The purpose of your job application and resume are to get you an interview and usually will be the first impression you make on the employer If you mail your resume also send a cover letter with it Networking and contacting people directly are more effective than sending out unsolicited resumes, posting resumes online, answering want ads and using employment agencies When you are going to do a long-distance job search start early, do your homework and contact employers directly

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