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Job Search Accountability A presentation on how to facilitate reviewing and mentoring members' job search progress at weekly meetup groups. Ron McClure,

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1 Job Search Accountability A presentation on how to facilitate reviewing and mentoring members' job search progress at weekly meetup groups. Ron McClure, President Emeritus

2 Agenda Hand Outs – Weekly Plan – Accountability Worksheet Purpose Review Weekly Plan Work Sheet Review Accountability Check List Case Study Exercise Feed Back

3 Job Search Accountability SacProNet trains and mentors members on the best practices in job search. The members are responsible for putting forward the effort to find a job. A common weakness of most job search groups is monitoring members activities to ensure they are on track and progressing. This presentation is about motivating and guiding members in getting organized, planning, setting goals and objectives, and working toward meeting those ends.

4 Purpose Job search is a demanding process. It is stressful waiting for something to happen. Getting and staying motivated is a major issue. Identified as a common problem with EU Chapters, Sunnyvale, Manteca, and Job One. How do you balance your time between your job search, personal time, and family time? How do you plan your job search, track your progress, and record job search results? A key component of a successful job search is holding yourself accountable for your time & actions. Purpose of meet up groups is to support and to guide members through the job search process.

5 Templates Weekly Plan Work Sheet – The purpose of the Weekly Plan Work Sheet is to guide members through the planning process for the coming week. – Plan your work, work your plan. Visualize your week. Accountability Check List – The purpose of the Accountability Check List is to guide the review process. – An objective review and lessons learned. A reality check. – To hold members accountable for their action plan.

6 Process Flow Maintain a monthly calendar with all known and recurring events of interest. Develop an action plan for the coming week. List all known activities already committed: family activities, gym/exercise, interviews, professional meetings, webinars, volunteer,etc. Estimate hours committed. Calculate hours available for job search activities. Determine weekly job search focus: by industry, by region, by job type, general search, open. Allocate time and dates to job search activities.

7 Process Flow Accountability review Review prior week's activities with an accountability partner. – Preferably toward end of week. – Record time and counts of all events and activities. Determine Lessons Learned. – What went wrong, what went right. – Self reflection of week's activities. – Adjust plans for coming week. Set goals. Discuss action items for next week plan and set priorities. Record action items onto the Weekly Plan.

8 Plan your work, work your plan Weekly Plan. Summary section. Record already committed hours. Time committed to the job search process, time reserved for personal and family time. Yields result of uncommitted hours available. Detail section. Estimate and list known activities that require your time. List all activities that are known now. Set priorities. Remember: 100:10:1 Rule, 85% Rule.

9 Weekly Plan

10 Planning Activities Record activities already scheduled or committed: family, personal, and job search. – Exercise/Gym, Church, job interview, scheduled meetings, family get together, home maintenance, children events, cover letter & applications, and volunteer activities, Linkedin, etc. Estimate activity hours and calculate free hours available for job search. Determine focus/target of job search. Record activities that you want to complete in line with your focus. Leave open time for unexpected events.

11 Accountability Check List

12 Determining Accountability Use Job Search Accountability Worksheet Best done with an accountability partner at end of week. Getting an objective perspective on your results. Record actual time and events that took place over the past week. Compare estimated versus actuals. Record lessons learned. How to improve the upcoming week's results. Discuss and set focus and goals for the coming week.

13 Metrics Measurements of success – Interviews (formal/panel, informational, telephone) – Resumes and cover letters submitted – Applications filled out on job sites – Time spent researching jobs – Time spent researching required professional skills, knowledge, and techniques. – Calls made: follow up and for member support – Follow up emails and calls to previous contacts – Networking events attended – New contacts made – New endorsements or references

14 Metrics Measurements of success continued. – Linkedin. Researching jobs and giving recommendations. – Time spent ratio. Personal/exercise, family commitments, and job search. – 85% of jobs come from networking events. Priority should be on attending networking events. – Promote your personal brand. Write professional articles, blogs, and give presentations. – Attend educational classes, Webinars, and skill training to enhance your knowledge and employment opportunities.

15 Rewards Give yourself a special reward for weeks well done. This reinforces a positive behavior. Make sure you transfer your action plans from the Accountability Review to your Weekly Plan.

16 Case Study


18 The End Conduct Exercise. – Each member complete hand out and note items that need to be changed or topics not covered. Get feed back. – This is a process improvement. Incremental change to improve a process.

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