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The Value of Writing Alex Carchietta. “I always enjoyed writing”

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1 The Value of Writing Alex Carchietta

2 “I always enjoyed writing”

3 Thesis “Due to my history of successful writing and advice from my previous professors, peers, and my parents, writing has become one of my most important aspects of my academic career.”

4 “My single most remarkable writing experience occurred my freshman year here at Siena College. I was lucky enough to take a class with Mr. Naton Leslie before he passed, the class was Literary Perspectives.”

5 “He assigned us an essay. I work vigorously, I went to office hours, met with the writing center, and spent countless hours in the library. Out of the 23 students in the class, 21 were rejected, and my paper was one of the two not rejected.”

6 “I was extremely proud of my grade, and I realized this to be a great accomplishment. Writing became one of the few subjects where I fully felt that hard work pays off.

7 “Through my first semesters I struggled in some academic areas, and writing is one of the few subjects where I fully felt that if I put hard work into my paper, I would receive a good grade.”

8 “Growing up, the ability to read, write, and speak correctly was always stressed in my house.”

9 “When my father was in high school he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Because of this, my mother and my father have always greatly stressed the importance of reading and writing.”

10 “Starting from when I first learned to write, my mother would always re-read my essays, checking for my mistakes. She was hoping to improve my abilities and make me a better writer.”

11 “I value writing and the ability to be literate so much is because of my mother’s mother, or my grandmother. She was born in Ukraine, and came to America in the ninth grade without speaking a word of English.”

12 “When she first came to America she was constantly laughed at by the other kids in her school because of her inability to speak the language. However, she quickly caught on to the American language English, and by high school graduation she was valedictorian.”

13 “My grandmother taught me that literacy gained her respect from her peers. I strive everyday to gain the same type of respect from my peers.”

14 “I feel that because of the influence given to me by my mother, grandmother, and father, I greatly value the importance of writing and strive to be the best writer I can possibly be.”

15 “Weather it is meeting someone new, going for a job interview, or simply having a conversation with a friend, you must be literate in order to communicate effectively.”

16 “My past experience that led me to this conclusion is taking advice from my aunt. She works for a large company and became high up in her field. She was telling me how disappointed she is with her clients and business partners in their lack of ability to communicate.”

17 “Additionally, going away to college has made me personally realize the value and importance of literacy.”

18 “When you go away to school, you meet many different people from all over the country, many of which do not speak the same way as you do in your hometown. I quickly learned once I arrived at Siena College that people from different places simply speak differently. In order to effectively communicate and meet new people, you must have proper literate skills.”

19 “Growing up and to this day in college, math and sciences have never been my strongest subjects. When I was in eighth I performed well on my eighth grade English assessment. In my junior year of high school, I received a 92 on the New York State English regents. My success in this subject area has always been something in which I have taken great pride in.”

20 “I received great grades on almost all the essays I have written so far at Siena College. Lets not lie, everyone prefers to do something they are good at, rather then something they are not good at. My abilities to write have given me confidence in this subject, and I am excited to continue to improve my writing abilities.”

21 “Between my past experiences with my professors, parents, and family members, I have a very strong importance and belief to the word literacy. I value this word greatly, and strive everyday to be as literate as possible.”

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