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Operational Contract Support Update Mr. Joseph Camacho Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability (JKDDC) Program Director.

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1 Operational Contract Support Update Mr. Joseph Camacho Joint Knowledge Development and Distribution Capability (JKDDC) Program Director

2 Agenda JKDDC/JKO Overview Background on JKO support to ADUSD (PS) Overview of OCS training via JKO – Introduction to OCS – J4OP-US380 – Operational Contract Support (GOFO) Essentials Course – J4ST-US429 – OCS Planners Course Overview (To be published SEP 2010) OCS Community of Interest Site Strategic Communication Plan Proposal

3 Joint Knowledge Online KEY CAPABILITIES WARRIOR VALUE 3 PORTALS Communities of Interest Training and Support  Joint Individual Augmentee Training Program  Provincial Reconstruction Team Training  Combined Joint Task Force HOA  CENTCOM JTF Crisis Response  Combined Joint Task Force SOUTH  Afghanistan (Combined Joint Task Force 101)  Joint Irregular Warfare Center  International Security Assistance Force  Operations Contract Support Baseline Metrics (since 30 April 07) ~121,000 registered users ~2,000,000 total portal logins ~327,000 course completions 412 courses (~1917 hrs of instruction) available Top Course Completions  SERE 100 Code of Conduct  USFK Theater Specific Required Training  Combating Trafficking in Persons  Fundamentals of Personnel Recovery  Joint Task Force (JTF) 101  Improvised Explosive Device Awareness JKO-IP Internet Public WARRIOR VALUE JKO-S (SIPRnet)  Offers COCOM and theater directed individual training  Provides certified joint courseware  Tracks / reports defense-wide training  Provides multinational, interagency & intergovernmental training product access  Supports innovative advanced technologies (web-based games, immersive learning, avatars)  ~$100M in cost avoidance Metrics as of 26 Feb 2010 JKO-N (NIPRnet)

4 Knowledge as a force multiplier JKO Joint Content Management Architecture

5 Knowledge as a force multiplier JKDDC Program Goal to Support OCS In accordance with NDAA Sect 854 & NDAA Sect 849 and in collaboration with ADUSD (PS) and Joint Staff guidance, develop and maintain an operational contract support (OCS) online training program (OTP) for non-acquisition DoD officers, enlisted and civilians, based on approved JP 4-10 joint logistics doctrine and OSD(AT&L) guidance.

6 Knowledge as a force multiplier Program Objectives Phase I (FY 09-10) Objective 1. OCS Front-end Analysis  Objective 2. OCS Community of Interest  Objective 3. OCS Pre-Deployment Training Module  Objective 4. Baseline OCS Curriculum (2 courses)  (in work) Objective 5. OCS Training Assessment and Feedback (cont) Objective 6. OCS Strategic Planning Documents 

7 Knowledge as a force multiplier Assumptions Value-added benefit is to fill the need for non-acquisition officer/enlisted/civilian training on how to plan for, interface with and maximize the capabilities available through Operational Contract Support and the contractor workforce. Proposed objectives to be accomplished in collaboration with military Service Schools and logistics subject matter experts over 3- Year period (FY 09-11)

8 Introduction to OCS (J4OP-US380) Provides basic familiarity of operational contract support (OCS) to non-acquisition community. Course objectives – Identify the roles and responsibilities of DoD, joint, and Services, Commanders and staffs as it relates to OCS – Recognize key contractor support integration principles – Recognize key contractor management principles – Define the five key tasks of the OCS process Planning Requirements Identification Contract Development Contract Execution Contract Closeout

9 OCS (GOFO) Essentials Course (J4ST-US429) Provides General Officers/Flag Officers a high level overview of operational contract support (OCS) principles and concepts. Course objectives – Planning essentials – Oversight essentials – Fraud, Waste & Abuse essentials

10 OCS Planner’s Course (J4ST-US432) Primer course to promote familiarity with OCS planning. (NOTE: this course is not intended to certify learners as OCS planners) Course objectives – Identify the basic tenets of the joint planning process – Identify key considerations and principles of the contract support integration plan (CSIP) – Identify key considerations and principles of the contractor management plan (CMP). – Recognize OCS doctrinal publications, tools, and resources relevant to current and emerging OCS planning principles. JOCSP working group meeting today at 1530 to review draft course outline JKDDC is standing by to develop additional courses as requirements dictate

11 OCS COI on New JKO IP Site

12 GCC Role Review

13 GCC Responsibility Review

14 GCC Training Links

15 Communications Outreach Objectives – Meet sponsors’ expectations for training effectiveness, metrics capture and ability to report out – Announce availability of courses and community of interest – Reach stakeholder audiences with message of relevance and value to them – Build awareness, generate interest, and promote use of training and community Metrics Capturing and Reporting – Determine appropriate metrics # course completions Demographics of course completions COI member registrations Level of participation/collaboration Training effectiveness – Determine reporting requirements Data, tools, audiences, periodicity of reporting Develop and execute reporting procedures OCS Publicity Campaign FY 11 Proposal

16 QUESTIONS? If you need assistance with any JKO services please call our Help Desk at: Or write us at:

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