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DoD Integrated Product Support Roadmap Tool LOG FIPT 19 October 2012 Mary G. Ryan DAU Global Learning & Technology Center.

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1 DoD Integrated Product Support Roadmap Tool LOG FIPT 19 October 2012 Mary G. Ryan DAU Global Learning & Technology Center

2 The Roadmap Journey History – The Beginning Requirements – What PSAT wanted Team – Who was on the team Roadmap Tool Overview – What the team delivered

3 History Nov 2009 - DoD Weapon System Acquisition Reform Act (WSARA) & Product Support Assessment Report – Product Support Assessment Team (PSAT) – IPT #3 Human Capital 06 Sep 2010 - USD (AT&L) DTM 10-015 Requirements for Life Cycle Management and Product Support Jan 2011 - DoD Integrated Product Support Roadmap Tool - Multi-Service Working Group Formed

4 Develop and publish a training aid in the form of an: interactive web tool printable wall chart Requirements Tasking from IPT #3

5 Nov 2009 WSARA Product Support Assessment (PSA) Human Capital Recommendations: Section 2. Incorporate new or modified product support competencies into DoD and industry logistics and acquisition workforce career field training, recruitment, and retention strategies 2.6 - Build on web-enabled US Army LOGSA Life Cycle Logistics wall chart to develop a “purple” web- enabled "concept-to-disposal" DoD Life Cycle Logistics wall chart History (cont.)

6 Develop and publish a training aid in the form of an interactive web tool and printable wall chart In support of the following objectives: To incorporate new product support competencies into the DoD acquisition work force Expand integrated life cycle management training at DoD and public universities New training products will be centered on the tenets of the Product Support Business Model Requirements Tasking from IPT #3

7 Serve as a standard reference for acquisition & life cycle logistics workforce personnel throughout DoD Incorporated into DAU logistics courses & continuous learning modules Provide current guidance for acquisition program management offices to develop & implement product support strategies Provide a standard reference to design & conduct Independent Logistics Assessments for acquisition programs Requirements Goals for the Tool

8 PS Roadmap Homepage

9 Printable PS Roadmap Shot of Printable chart

10 Printable PS Roadmap

11 Interactive Web page on DAU Portal Will depict sustainment activities and be in a format similar to the AT&L, Life Cycle Management Chart Joint services perspective – activities, processes,& guidance to plan and implement product support throughout each phase of DoD material acquisition life cycle Each activity will link to an informative “article” in the DAU Knowledge base Each “article” will describe the activity, when it is accomplished, responsible entities and reference current regulations and policy guidance Each “article” will also link to best practices, automated tools & other relevant information Requirements Project Description

12 Working Group Representatives: Ms. Mary Ryan - DAU Dr. Teresa Fazio – NAVAIR Mr. Pat Rowe – Army Mr. Gordon Taylor – MARCORSYSCOM Mr. Greg Grejawick – Air Force Ms. Andrea Reese Hurst & Ms. Jennifer Zearley – CSC Technical Support The Team

13 OSD policy/guidance, not limited to but including: DoD 5000.02 DAG PSM Guidebook LA Guidebook LCSP Outline Other applicable references or tools IPS Element Guidebook (DAU) ACQuipedia Articles iGlossary Other functional area tools Service Specific Links Tool Resources & References


15 229 Meta Cards 2500+ Knowledge Topics 137 - Glossary definitions 129 - ACQuipedia Articles 220 - DAG Links 85 - PSM Guidebook Links 110 - LA Guidebook Links 103 - IPS Element Guidebook Links 50 - LCSP Outline Links 25 - Policy Links Service Specific Links Numerous other references The Roadmap Tool

16 The Link

17 Rows are aligned with IPS Elements Columns are aligned with acquisition phase Rows & columns reflect relationships among: IPS Elements (activities & outcomes) Major program key events and products Logistics/Program/Technical reviews Milestones Terminology - language used to reflect end-state of product support management DoD Specific Perspective The Roadmap Tool


19 Backup Slides

20 Working Group Established Boundaries – 1 st level indenture – AT&L Framework Chart – 2 nd level indenture – Logistics/Sustainment row on “The AT&L Framework Chart” – 3 rd level of indenture – DoD Integrated Product Support Roadmap Tool “Generic” plans, activities, documents, events – 4 th Level of indenture – Service specific Logistics processes and charts

21 The Chart Roadmap Columns: Acquisition Phases Activities/Outputs Rows: Integrated Product Support Elements Decision Points/Milestones Logistics/Sustainment Major Program Key Events/Products Logistics/Technical/Program Reviews

22 Identified Primary Users Primary Users Product Support Managers Life Cycle Logisticians Program Managers Subject Matter Experts Government & Industry Acquisition Professionals DAU students - resident and online courses, continuous learning modules

23 Usage Objectives The PSM & Life Cycle Logistician must be knowledgeable about: Activities & Outputs of the IPS Elements during each acquisition phase Activities, Documents, & Decisions they must lead, participate in, write and contribute to Consequences of Integration of IPS Elements Preparation for DAB Milestone Reviews


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