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Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points

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1 Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s 14 Points
Cartoons by Pat Oliphant

2 Do you have clear goals for the organization communicated to all employees?

3 How can everyone be empowered, feel a sense of ownership and share in the company’s success?

4 With everyone participating our goals are to deliver perfect quality to our customers

5 We want to develop long term beneficial relationships with our suppliers.

6 At all levels, everyone should be involved in continuous improvement activities every single day.

7 If all employees are learning and growing every day, competition will be only a figment of our imagination.

8 The leaders select the music, set the tone and insure that everyone is on board at every moment.

9 Ask your associates what they fear and then do whatever is necessary to get rid of it.

10 Find ways to open communications between suppliers, customers and all employees.

11 Value is placed on doing and demonstrating.

12 The method is balancing technology with people’s needs and aspirations and eliminating those non-value adding wastes.

13 Why come to work if it is not joyous?

14 Ask and plan now for an ongoing continuous educational process to help everyone become the best that they possibly can be.

15 Ask Dr. Shingo would always say,
“DO IT!”

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