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Satellite View Satellite View at night The Nile World’s Longest River.

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2 Satellite View

3 Satellite View at night

4 The Nile World’s Longest River

5 The Congo River Basin Covers 12% of the continent. Extends over 9 countries. 2,720 miles long. 99% of the country of Democratic Republic of the Congo is in the Congo River basin.

6 The Niger River Basin Covers 7.5% of the continent. Extends over 10 countries. 2,600 miles long.

7 Great Rift Valley 3,000 miles long Home of “Lucy”

8 Mt. Kilimanjaro: Snow at the Equator?

9 Tropic of Cancer 20° N Tropic of Capricorn 20° S Equator 0° The Tropical Continent

10 Rain Forest Annual rainfall of up to 17 ft. Rapid decomposition (very humid). Covers 37 countries. 15% of the land surface of Africa.

11 African Trade Winds

12 West Africa: Home of our Hurricanes

13 The Horn of Africa Somali Peninsula

14 The Sahara Desert

15 The Sahel

16 The Serengeti: Natural Wonder of the World

17 Natural Resources

18 Review from Ch. 2 –- Beginnings of Civilization Most anthropologists believe… Homo sapiens ( “wise man”) originated in the African savanna between 100,000 and 250,000 years ago Oldest remains found in the Horn of Africa, near modern-day Addis Ababa, Ethiopia descended from Homo erectus (“upright man”) colonized Eurasia and Oceania by 40,000 years ago colonized the Americas by 10,000 years ago

19 Beginnings of Civilization Domestication of livestock +/- 10,000 years ago Cows were highly valued (more than gold) Domestication of agriculture (crops) +/- 8,000 years ago Iron working technologies +/- 4,500 years ago

20 1000 different languages; 1000+ different tribes

21 Family Structure” 1.Nuclear Family 2.Extended Family 3.Age-Set 4.Clan 5.Lineage (Ancestry) TRIBE (communal living)

22 Traditional Family Structures Nuclear Family: Extended Family: C C C H W C C C H W GP Cs GP Cs U A Age Sets: People born two to three years apart; formed bonds together

23 Africa : Tribe :: America : Ethnic Group?

24 Benefits of Tribal Life 1. The good of the group comes ahead of the good of the individual. 2. All land is owned by the group. 3. Strong feeling of loyalty to the group. 4. Protection from enemies. 5. Your tribe is a huge family. 6. Everything is shared.

25 Problems of Tribalism Today 1. The tribe is more important than the nation. 2. Communication problems. 3. Inter-tribal warfare --> civil wars. 4. Members favored for gov’t jobs  Nepotism 5. Urbanization: Breaks down tribal traditions. Tribal intermingling on the job.

26 Traditional African Religion ANIMISM 1. one Supreme Being. 3. ancestor worship. 4. magic, charms, fetishes, and nature spirits (god of the mountain, etc). 2. world of spirits (good & bad) in all things. 5. Diviner / Shaman  fortune teller; mediator between tribe and God. Which civilization(s) we studied earlier have similar religious beliefs ???

27 African Diviner (Shaman) African Spirituals had a strong influence on the development of Southern Baptists and other Evangelical Christians of ‘The Old South’. Spiritual BaptistTribal Shaman

28 World of the Spirits Dogon “Spirit House”

29 Mask With Headcloth Zaire (19 th century)

30 Kisokolo Initiation Costume Democratic Republic of the Congo

31 Woman & Child Congo

32 Family Group Tanzania

33 Ancestors

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