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Prepare l Share l Party Javita 3-Step System of Duplication.

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1 Prepare l Share l Party Javita 3-Step System of Duplication


3 Step 3: PARTY Coffee parties are not just the way we successfully launch your business, but the ultimate KEY to success in Javita.

4 Inviting Enthusiasm and Excitement!!! Invite like you would to your child’s Birthday Invite all the people you have already sold and sampled coffee to (this should not be their 1 st exposure) Confirm guests the day of or the day before – How to Avoid the “Maybe”

5 Getting Party Ready “Javita Style” Have enough coffee out for guests Have both HOT and COLD options Make sure cups are large enough to accommodate ice, creamer, water…etc. Coffee is an indulgent, cozy experience for many so duplicate that at your event

6 Getting Party Ready “Javita Style” Be sure to have a variety of creamers (seasonal ones are fun too) A tray of light snacks……..nothing too elaborate Get creative with your set-up you want it to be inviting and fun!

7 When the Guests Arrive… Greet your guests at the door or have your presenter help with this: – Ask: “Would you like your coffee hot or cold?” – Never Ask: “Do you want to try the coffee?” Lead them to the kitchen and make this a hands on process. Get the coffee in their hands as soon as they get there.

8 Coffee Talk Continue to greet new guests as they enter the kitchen Smile, be upbeat!!! Talk about your personal success with the coffee, how easy it is to make, etc

9 Coffee Talk Do not try and give a mini presentation to your guests Introduce your presenter to your guests individually Allow people to mingle and get to know each other

10 Party Tips Before the party the presenter needs to pull the host aside and let them know they need to “Open the Party” – Welcome the guests – Tell Personal Success Story with the Coffee – Why you’re excited about the business – Edify the speaker--

11 Party Etiquette Silence and put away cell phones Motion late arrivals to the presentation, do not get up and make them coffee Sit among your guests through the entire presentation Participate and be engaged Keep sidebar conversations to a minimum

12 Presenting Smile! High Energy Be excited Facts TELL, stories SELL Invite Participation Always Be Closing Get their FB status updated ASAP!

13 Closing The million dollar question “Do you see an opportunity for yourself with this?” – If response is NO: “Which coffee are you interested in trying? Let’s get you over here to order and save $$!” – If response is Unsure: “What question do you have?” Answer the question and then ask “Do you see an opportunity for yourself?” – If response is YES: Reach for the pen and paper and help them get their application completed

14 Next Steps Book their party at the party no later than 7-10 days from the time they sign up!!! Teach them how to use FB effectively It’s about the PULL not the PUSH The coffee party is essential to every Member’s success, critical to every team’s growth, and the driving force of where we are and what will make Javita a Billion Dollar Company

15 It’s Party Time New Member Alerts….Welcome Call & Book a Party Get Comfortable with being Uncomfortable—Start Presenting!! Create a Coffee Party Culture Parties=New Members=Parties – Number of Parties weekly indicates the strength of your business

16 Prepare l Share l Party Javita 3-Step System of Duplication

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