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Welcome to the range of products.

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1 Welcome to the range of products

2 Product range Mosquito MK4 (with multi-age function) Mini-Mosquito
Music Mosquito Mosquito Void Alarm – Wireless GSM battery powered temporary security system

3 Mosquito MK4 (with multi-age)

4 Mosquito MK4 (with multi-age)
This is the 4th re-design of the Mosquito anti-vandal system. Several of the features of this new version can only be accessed by inserting the correct ‘function’ chip. This has been done in order that certain functions such as ‘maximum volume’ and ‘continuous running’ are only used under the right circumstances.

5 Mosquito MK4 cont… New features include….
Multi-age function. Choice of either a ‘kids only’ tone or a tone that will annoy everyone (All-tone). All-tone is used in places such as subways where older people may be sleeping rough. Increased range up to 120 feet (40 meters). Requires chip. Audible beep override. Built-in PIR timer function. 20 minute auto cut-off override. Requires chip.

6 Mini-Mosquito

7 Mini-Mosquito Mini-Mosquito has been specifically designed for small premises. This unit has a maximum range of 30 feet (10 meters) High / Low volume settings Activation via switch at socket. 20 minute auto cut-off Cannot be activated via external trigger

8 Music Mosquito

9 Music Mosquito For those that do not want to use an annoying ‘All-tone’ or a ‘kids only’ tone. Fully self contained unit. No additional equipment required. Can be activated via remote control, PIR or timer. AGC – Automatically adjusts volume in line with ambient noise levels. Will play either ‘classical’ or ‘chill-out’ music. Music is provide via an SD card. All music is PRS / PPL free. Volume selection.

10 Further Information The Mosquito range of products have been proven safe by the following organisations….. UK National Health Service UK National Guide Dogs for the Blind UK Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Canadian Health Authority. Belgian Superior Health Council Switzerland SUVA Netherlands TNO For copies of these and other reports please contact us.

11 Contact us +44 (0) 1685 350418
Full product information sheets available upon request. Thank you

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