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Aloaha protects Mobile M2M Communication with secureSIM.

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1 Aloaha protects Mobile M2M Communication with secureSIM

2 Introduction Due to the lack of comprehensive security solutions for Mobiles Aloaha specified the secureSIM in 2008/2009 First projects such as Aloaha secureSMS, Aloaha mobile Crypto Service Provider, Aloaha Smartlogin, SIM encrypted Mail etc. delivered in 2010

3 What is M2M? Machine-to-Machine (M2M) is an environment which allows data to be exchanged between two devices over a network. Communication takes place without any user intervention. This means that data captured by a device can be monitored, collected and transferred to a remote background system using automated processes.

4 M2M Usage Power meters can automatically send meter readings to the provider. The readings should be digitally signed for authenticity and encrypted for privacy issues M2M can also be used in wireless point-of-sale terminals, medical devices, parking meters or security warning systems Such sensible data must be encrypted M2M provides secure full duplex communication

5 Why PKI on smart cards? Existing Infrastructure can be used Mass quantity capable key handling Improved levels of security, scalable for large diversity of applications (small business to non-repudiable qualified digital signatures) Secure identification and access required to protect logins, physical access, VPNs, mails, etc. Secure, PKI based, encryption and signatures are required to protect sensitive business or personal data Software based keys can be copied. Therefor they cannot be secure and cannot be protected against eavesdroppers.

6 Why secureSIM? Nowadays secure cryptographic operations are essential Traditional smartcards and secure uSDs are not usable in mobile phones or M2M Terminals The SIM Card is already the unique identity in every mobile device – but lacking the cryptographic functionality of RSA/ECC capable Smartcards. => Store the Smartcards private key securely behind the SIM card’s crypto processor and use it to establish secure connections or to protect your information PKI engine SIMsecureSIM

7 M2M today M2M Terminals exchange sensible information to or from the terminal. Traditional M2M Terminals work without end to end protection of the sensible data with asymmetric keys.

8 Aloaha secureM2M Aloaha provides Microprocessor, GSM Modem and Software. (Aloaha M2M Terminal) Partner provides secureSIM The secureSIM plays a key role as the central security ad access-control entity for establishing network connectivity SIM + PKI engine = SecureSIM MicroprocessorGSM Modem Aloaha Software

9 Aloaha M2M Terminal 8 digital I/O lines to switch relays, digital sensors, etc. 6 PWM signal lines 8 analogue input lines for sensors, etc. Quad band GSM/3G Modem or Wifi. Optional secureSIM to encrypt and/or digitally sign I/O and sensor data Aloaha Software with embedded FTP, HTTP, Mail, SMS and TCP Socket Server/Clients

10 Digital I/O Capture, log and count digital input pulses Capture serial data from loggers, controllers and sensors Send digital input alerts, logs and counts via SMS, HTTP, email or FTP Trigger relays upon digital input events

11 Analogue Inputs Monitor and log analog input (temp, flow, pressure, noise, gas) Send analog value set point alerts via SMS, HTTP, Email or FTP Trigger relays upon analog input set point

12 Thank you

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