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The Worlds No.1 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System Introducing Navgard.

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1 The Worlds No.1 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System Introducing Navgard

2 Bridge Navigation Watch Alarm System Addition to SOLAS Chapter V, Reg. 19, new Sub Chapter 2.2.3 Performs to MSC 75/24/add.1 equipment standards Complies fully with IEC62616 Applies to all commercial and passenger vessels of >150gt Monitors that the Officer On Watch (OOW) is present on the bridge To prevent marine accidents and improve safety Harmonize the pro-active stance of certain flag states BNWAS

3 BNWAS – Why?

4 When? - Compliance Schedule

5 Must monitor that the OOW is present on navigation bridge Series of warning lights and audible alarms must be produced 1 st level alarm for the OOW on bridge to acknowledge 2 nd level alarm for the Captain/Officers cabins 3 rd level alarm for common areas Any alarm can only be re-set from the bridge itself All alarm events recorded by VDR Must be operational when gyro/autopilot/track control is working What Do you Need?......MSC 75/24/add.1 The simplest and most economic retro fit solution for BNWAS Fit, forget and comply! Designed with easy installation and crew operations in mind Fleet proposals available Less stress for Officer On Watch Martek are experts in the design and supply of retro fit legislative products Navgard

6 Single control & alarm panel – wall or console mounted Unique built-in Infra Red Detector with 10m range Extra Infra Red Detectors where required Up to 6 illuminated manual re-set buttons Up to 8 alarm outputs – level 2 & 3 Optional SD card for alarm and event logging Tamper detection Single type cable installation for all detectors, re-set buttons and alarms Navgard

7 ABS CCS PRS RINA Lloyds Register (will only recognise push button resets) Russian Register Indian Register BV GL Korean Register DNV NKK Navgard Approvals

8 Installation

9 Installation What is the first thing to do before starting any installation? Survey the vessel for: Position of Control Panel – Bulk Head or Console mounted. Position of peripheral equipment. Location of power supply – 100 – 220 V AC Cable runs. Fixing of equipment should also be considered when deciding the position. Once the above requirements have been decided the equipment should be unpacked and checked that: All equipment is correct as per the packing documentation. All equipment is free from any damage/defects. From the survey you will have decided the number of peripherals required for the installation. The Control Panel has knockouts provided for the fitment of glands – this should be done prior to mounting for ease of access. Number of glands required are as follows: 1 x for power supply cable. 1 x for output to VDR. 1 x for Stage 1 Alarm Sounder/Beacon 1 x for each Cabin Sounder/Beacon 1 x for Stage 3 Alarm Sounder/Beacon 1 x for PIR Reset Loop 1 x for each Reset Push Button Loop 1 x for Track Control Signal

10 Main Control Panel

11 Main Control Panel Comprises of the following: 12 LED indications for status and alarms 8 membrane keypad buttons for system operation and navigation LED display for set up and operation of the system Main PCB 24 VDC (2.2 A) power supply Mains filter Back up battery SD Card Indications: AUTO – Auto mode selected ON – On mode selected OFF – Off mode selected Port Security – Port Security mode selected Power – Illuminated when power applied to unit Battery – Illuminated when battery in use (mains fail) Error – Illuminated when system error present Tamper – Illuminated if the tamper circuit for reset devices has been broken

12 Modes of Operation

13 Mode: OFF The system operation is inhibited except the officer call function. Mode: PORT SECURITY The system functions as a standard intruder alarm. Master level Password is utilised to initiate entry and exit periods. The EXIT ENTRY PERIODS are defined in minutes. When ON is selected ON will be displayed on the LCD, the system will remain ON at all times and will operate as per the parameters previously loaded. Mode: ON When Auto ON/OFF is selected AUTO ON or AUTO OFF will be displayed on the LCD, the system will automatically switch ON and OFF dependent on an input for track control to say if the vessel is in motion or not and will operate as per the parameters previously loaded. The track control signal will be a closed contact to inform the system the vessel is in motion and open contact to inform the system the vessel is stationary. Mode: AUTO

14 Operates when ship is in port Requires the PIR sensors Detects when unauthorised persons on bridge Captain sets exit/entry time before system operates Aim – to prevent unauthorised access to the bridge Navgard TM - Port Security

15 Authorized Distributor of NAVGARD NAVIBULGAR SERVICES LTD. 1, Primorski Blvd., Varna 9000, Bulgaria Tel.: +359 52 683 666 Fax: +359 52 683 770 E-mail: Website:

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