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Board Meeting: Feb. 19, 2009 Summary of 2008 and proposal for 2009 season.

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1 Board Meeting: Feb. 19, 2009 Summary of 2008 and proposal for 2009 season

2 Today’s schedule Welcome and Introductions Thank you to sponsors Summary of Nov. 29, 2008 event (highlights from Executive Report) Discussion Proposal for 2009 season (review distributed proposal) Discussion

3 Welcome and Introductions Sponsors/Volunteers (Orgs that are both are red) Acadia Nova Scotia Community College Michelin Nova Scotia Labour and Workforce Development/Skills Canada RIM EastLink Nova Scotia Business Inc. AVR/Magic 94.9 Elab Inc. Apple Nova Scotia Economic and Rural Development Acadia Office of Technology Transfer and Innovation Sony Style & Canadian Springs

4 2008 Schedule Overview Nov. 2007 – RPC event, John Read, Director March 2008 – Board meeting April – June 2008 – School recruiting July 2008 – Karen Wilder, Director August 2008 – FLL Partnership conference Sept – Nov 2008 – Fundraising and recruiting Nov. 15, 2008 – Local competitions at 4 NSCC campuses Nov. 29, 2008 – Championship tournament at Acadia

5 Working Together Danny Silver Jodrey School of Computer Science Media Group – Acadia, NSCC, EastLink Television, AVR, Michelin Multiple volunteers – faculty, staff, students, alumni, NSCC staff, Michelin staff, community South Shore Regional School Board AVRSB – web site updates

6 Championship Competitions Review Two competitions in one FLL (FIRST Lego League) & HRC (High school Robotics) 42 teams competing in 2008 30 FLL & 12 HRC Competition split into two areas/time of day Huggins Science Hall (morning for FLL project judging) Gym (afternoon and evening for RPC Robot challenges)

7 FLL/HRC comparisons FLL – Championship plus six other award areas: Climate connections project presentation Robot Performance (3 rounds the same) Technical design Teamwork, team spirit, “Against all odds” HRC – Championship plus five other award areas Robot performance (3 rounds completely different) Technical design Teamwork, team spirit, “Against all odds” All require “gracious professionalism”

8 Tournament Day Schedule 9:30 a.m. Volunteer Registration (Huggins) 9:45 a.m. FLL registration (Huggins ) 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. FLL Project judging 11:30 a.m. HRC registration (Huggins) 1:30 to 1:55 PM Opening ceremony (Gym) FLL – Rounds and Judging –2 PM to 5:50 PM HRC - Rounds and judging – 2:50 PM to 6:20 PM 6:30 to 7:45 – Awards

9 Volunteer areas Area coordinators HRC judges FLL judges FLL & HRC pit managers Team Liaison/Pit runners Greeters/Information officers Door access team Water cooler checkers Messengers

10 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F15 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12 F13 F14 F16 F17 F18 F19 F20 F21 M F22 F23 F24 F26 F27 F28 F29 F30 H1 H2 H3 H4 H5 H6 H7 H8 H9 H10 H11 H12 H13 H14 F1 S F25 STAGE HRC FLLCOMPETITION AREA BLEACHERS Gym Layout

11 Student survey (14 respondents) 1. Enough time to prepare 2. Workshops were helpful 3. Web page was helpful 4. Students learned a lot about Robots 5. (FLL) The students learned a lot about climate 6. I learned a lot about teamwork 7. I was able to understand the schedule of events 8. I enjoyed the food and concession services 9. Overall I enjoyed myself at the competition

12 Team Spirit Preparing for the competition

13 Volunteers pitch in Some volunteers put their heart and soul into it.

14 Bib was a big hit! Students crowded around to have their picture taken with Bib.

15 All of the Robots are different Robots required programming and attaching extra devices.

16 All for the sheer joy of it!

17 An Excited HRC team

18 The crowds awaiting trophies

19 Coach Survey (10 respondents) 1. Competition cost appropriate 2. Enough time to prepare 3. Workshops were helpful 4. Email updates were helpful 5. Web page was helpful 6. Students learned a lot about the robot 7. (FLL) The students learned a lot about climate 8. The students learned a lot about teamwork 9. I was able to understand the schedule of events 10. I enjoyed the food 11. Overall I enjoyed myself at the competition

20 Volunteer survey (23 respondents) 1. Enough training 2. Managers: I understood my role in managing 3. Workers: I understood my assigned task 4.Understood my role in the event 5. The event ran smoothly 6. Had enough to eat 7. Given enough time to eat 8. Would volunteer again next year 9. Overall I enjoyed myself at the competition

21 Only the cleanup left!

22 Income and Expenses (p. 8) SUMMARY INCOME STATEMENT 2008 Actual 2008 Budget 2008 Diff Income Carry forward17,304- FLL team registration7,0243,7503,274 HRC team registration2,2012,400--199 Sponsorship and misc Cash 59,69061,034-1,344 Sponsorship in-kind14,9958,0006,995 Total RPC Income101,21475,18426,030 Expenses Facility*6,4611,5004,961 Registration, Robots, Software, Kits* 18,79112,0006,776 Director and Coordinator salaries 31,98831,000988 Secretary67904,5002,290 Travel*3,0573,00057 Competition Area Materials* 6,7881,5005,288 Competition catering service 6,4054,7841,621 Team and volunteer T- shirts 2,7943,400-606 Awards and Prizes*7,2296,500729 Media costs*7,9387,000938 Expenses for 200898,27775,18423,043 Net Income2,987

23 HRC Champions

24 FLL champions

25 Questions re 2008?

26 RPC 2009 season

27 Schools 8 school boards 130 school teams Community Volunteers Donors spectators Industry Michelin Eastlink RIM AVR/Magic 949 Apple NSBI eLab Inc. Government Education Economics & Rural Development Labour & Workforce Development Post Secondary Acadia University Nova Scotia Community College

28 Proposal for 2009 Season Increase in Province-wide involvement Extend Partnership with schools who have Vex robot kits Hold qualifying events at seven NSCC campuses in November Expand number of teams for qualifiers to 130 Expand Championship Tournament to 80 teams Increase sponsorship requirements Delay timing of championship until February

29 Increased involvement Teams In 2008, 41 FLL teams expressed an interest Other potential team interest following event Halifax county has not been approached Dept of Education distribution of robot kits to grade 10 students Partners NSCC local events School board sponsorship Department of Education potential partnership

30 HRC - Partnership Vex robots 2008 HRC involvement (Mindstorm robots) was 12 Schools October 2008 – Distribution of 5 Vex robot kits to each of 75 schools in Nova Scotia Reduced school costs – use Vex Could we get 60 HRC teams?

31 NSCC expanded role Expand NSCC local FLL events to include HRC Add 3 additional - Halifax (2) and Cape Breton Expand training events Additional competition materials Requires increased staff time Requires increased support time


33 Expanded Championship Event From 70 FLL teams - 40 to move to Championship From 60 HRC teams expected -40 to Championship Hold in arena (booking to be finalized) Recruit additional volunteers Find Funding!

34 Avg. Exp. – qualifying event (p. 15) Qualifying Event Expenses 2009 Budget 1Facility at each campus2,000 2Coordinator salary11,760 3Admin assistant1,400 4Travel1,500 5Qualifying event materials2,000 6Competition catering1,500 7Awards and Prizes1,000 8 Average expenses for each qualifying event 21,160

35 Championship event costs (p.13) Championship Expenses 2009 Budget2008 Actual2008 Budget 1Facility *16,0006,4611,500 2Reg., Robots, Software, Kits*39,50018,79112,000 3Director salary38,22031,98831,000 4Admin assistant9,80067904,500 5Travel *3,5003,0573,000 6Competition Materials*9,0006,7881,500 7Competition catering service11,0006,4054,784 8Team and volunteer T-shirts7,2802,7943,400 9Awards and Prizes*9,0007,2296,500 10Media costs*15,0007,9387,000 Exp. for Champ. event158,30098,27775,184 Net Income (2008)2,987 Acadia Org. & Tech costs19,000 Acadia materials7,400

36 Total costs for RPC Per EventTotal Avg. Cost of 7 Qualifying events 21,260148,120 Cost of Championship event 158,300 TOTAL306,420

37 Proposed Income SUMMARY INCOME STATEMENT 2009 Budget2008 Actual2008 Budget Income Carry forward2,98717,304- Qual. FLL registration12,600 Champ. FLL registration14,4007,0243,750 Qual. HRC registration6,000 Champ. HRC registration8,0002,2012,400 Sponsorship and misc Cash262,43359,69061,034 Sponsorship in-kind Incl. above 14,9958,000 Total Income for RPC306,420101,21475,184

38 Sponsorship breakdown $70k 4x $30k 4x $10k, 6x $5k

39 Next Steps Major Sponsor/Partner plan commitment by March 6 Fundraising committee struck by March 6 Book arena Hire Director (existing contract ends Feb. 28) NSCC coordinators identified by March 15 Needs your feedback!

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