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Organizing a Site Visit Here Christine King Director, Research Development Services OVPR January 18, 2012.

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1 Organizing a Site Visit Here Christine King Director, Research Development Services OVPR January 18, 2012

2 The Devils in the Details ……. And its (almost) all details

3 Overview Meeting Space Food and Drink Printed Materials Attendees Red Team and Mock Review Travel – Site Visitors Travel – Partners Miscellaneous Considerations Payment Assistance Six-week Timeline

4 When/How Is the Meeting Space Determined and Set Up? Meeting room Additional conference room Space for food setup ITaP wireless access for rooms Laptops/printers for both rooms A/V Pre-visit set up

5 How Does Everyone Get Fed? Caterer for meals and snacks during visit Arrangements for site visitors at or near hotel Arrangements for Purdue and partner institutions Reception? Alcohol?

6 What Printed Materials Are Needed, and How? Presentations Agenda Copies of proposal One page bios, with photo Identification Signage

7 Who Should Attend? Purdue PI, co-PIs, students Partner institutions co-PIs Institutional representatives SPS Pre-award or business representative

8 Why & How Include Red Team and Mock Review? Purposes of mock review(s) Identifying red team members Establishing process and deadlines for mock review, including feedback Materials needed by red team Arrangements for partners unable to attend mock review Presentation coaching, if needed

9 Travel Assistance for Site Visitors? Transportation: campus, airport, hotel Hotel reservations Hotel meeting room with wireless Restaurant recommendations and/or reservations Campus parking Payment for Purdue-provided food

10 Travel Assistance for Partners? Flights (occasionally) Transportation – campus, airport, hotel Campus parking Meeting/dinner prior to site visit

11 What Else Should Be Considered? Determination of dates for visit Coaching to improve presentation style/skill Special site visitor to do requests Special physical requirements Background research on site visitors Communication channels with site visitors re: content and re: logistics Regular communication with PI

12 Who Pays? Pre-award: Coordinated by Research Development (OVPR), OVPR pays food, printing, and related expenses. Post-award: Coordinated by grant- funded staff, grant pays for above expenses.

13 Who Can Help? Sue Grimes Assistant Director of Research Development Services OVPR Coordinates pre-award site visits Coaches those responsible for post-award site visits

14 Sample 6-week Timeline SIX WEEKS BEFORE….. -PI, OVPR &/or managing director agree on roles and responsibilities and timeline (inc. alternate dates for visit) -Agree on who is to communicate with sponsor -Identify and reserve venue(s) for visit -Secure potential hotel rooms -Secure caterer -Initiate formation of red team

15 Sample 6-week Timeline FIVE WEEKS BEFORE….. -Hold date(s) on calendars of appropriate institutional attendees (president, provost, VPR, dean, etc.) -Begin work on presentations, inc. template, format inc. binding, timeline to printing -Finish securing red team and schedule mock review(s) (two, if possible) -Identify Internet and A/V needs; begin communication with ITaP

16 Sample 6-week Timeline FOUR WEEKS BEFORE….. -Assist site visitors and partners with travel arrangements, as needed -Assure (federal) site visitors payment requirements are met -Meet with caterer; plan meals, snacks, etc.; secure building access for caterer -Arrange for Purdue vehicles, as needed, for transportation during visit -Secure A permits or parking spaces

17 Sample 6-week Timeline THREE WEEKS BEFORE….. -All draft presentations submitted -Materials to red team, inc. draft presentations (when available) -Confirm wireless access and A/V -Presentation information to institutional reps -Research site visitors when names are provided by sponsor -Finalize list of all attendees; begin preparing tent cards and name badges

18 Sample 6-week Timeline TWO WEEKS BEFORE….. -(First) mock review, with feedback to presenters -Continue work on presentations, based on feedback -Complete proposal binders -Finalize structure for presentation binders -Continue travel assistance -Determine venue/arrangements for night before get together with partners

19 Sample 6-week Timeline ONE WEEK BEFORE -Finalize agenda and provide to all involved -Create one-page bios, with pictures (optional) -Presentation assistance from CIE, if needed -(Second) mock review, with feedback to presenters -Venue visit and review by PI and team, caterers, ITaP, etc.

20 Sample 6-week Timeline FOUR-FIVE DAYS BEFORE.. -Send final presentations to be printed and bound; create flash drives of presentations -Review all details for completion

21 Sample 6-week Timeline TWO-THREE DAYS BEFORE.. -Review completed presentation books -Finalize name badges, tent cards

22 Sample 6-week Timeline ONE DAY BEFORE….. - Meet to set up venue: PI OVPR and/or managing director Caterer ITaP -Deliver all materials to venue -Share cell phone numbers -Confirm morning hotel pickups of site visitors - Meet with partners

23 Sample 6-week Timeline DAY OF….. -Be there early -Be prepared for anything…..

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