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Wayne Cokeley (Team 25) and Lauralynne Cokeley (Team 1089)

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1 Wayne Cokeley (Team 25) and Lauralynne Cokeley (Team 1089)

2  Fund Raising  Grants and Sponsorship

3  Short term- quick return  Team 25’s FR Guidelines ◦ A. little or no initial investment ◦ B. high return profit- at least 50%, better at 100% ◦ C. student friendly, team friendly ◦ D. market to different customer bases- not the parents every time L

4  Our 2007 Calendar ◦ January- ad sales for BB show ◦ February- finish ad sales, build season ◦ March- competitions, BB show preps ◦ April- Car wash ◦ May- BB show- gate, Car wash ◦ June- Car Wash ◦ July- Summer Lego Camp, Car wash ◦ August- Hawaiian Shirt Sale ◦ September- Hawaiian Shirt Sale, Heritage Day concession ◦ October- Hawaiian Shirt Sale ◦ November- BE Tournament, Night of Giving tix sale ◦ December- off for the holidays, prep for build season

5  Body Building Show- overall $2500  Car washes (total) - $2000 (slow year)  Lego Camp- $1200  Hawaiian Shirt Sale- $2800  Brunswick Eruption Tournament- $6500  Night of Giving Tickets- $600  Total for Yearly Fundraising- $15,600  Work crew- 30 students, 20 adults

6  Have a goal- how much? by when?  Make a believable plan- the team needs to believe the goal is reachable before it will commit the time to reach it  Build excitement- prizes, contests, ultimate prize  Warrant involvement- everybody involved, parents involved  Target your Fundraisers L

7  Parent Groups are essential if the team is to grow large and travel frequently  The team must be as fun for the parents as for the students  RPM- Robot Parent Mentors ◦ Run by parents ◦ Both social and supportive ◦ Labor force for making fund raisers happen ◦ Force behind students to keep them moving

8  Hold a meeting and spell out the team’s goals and activities  Offer opportunities for parental Involvement  Have signups ready  Plan events to make parents a part of the team. Show them their kids succeeding.  Let parents show their best to the team  Fun events and trips L

9  FR Team Development- NEMO !! 

10  - has a huge idea list with many interesting concepts  - a marketing company with many available FR types  s.asp - a glossary of different ideas s.asp soon to be posted source for new teams ?id=7024 ?id=7024 - the President’s Circle- FIRST’s support of teams by teams

11  Grants are more long term and less reliable than fund raisers  Corporate connections are helpful  Parents, School Boards, Local Politicians offer connections  Many large companies have Volunteerism Reward Grants for their Employees  Be prepared for Matching Grants

12  Of course $$$$  Direct interaction with students and tech people  Merchandise  Food  Don’t dismiss a sponsor because they do not have engineers L

13  Every team needs an introduction sheet  CD with excited kids and robots  FIRST information from FIRST resources  Drop off materials and set a follow up- HR people or Community Relations seem the best  Have a set goal when you approach a sponsor  Get potential sponsors to a FIRST event- in or off season. Treat as VIP

14  Politicians  School Boards  Chamber of Commerce  Parents  Press  Regional Committee  Cold Canvassing- invite to events as guest

15  Public relations ◦ Display boards ◦ Brochures ◦ PR Packet  Appearances for fun, familiarization and profit  Provide a Service L

16  It takes at least a season to educate a sponsor- probably more so than a student  Respect the sponsor’s time  Say Thanks- and be sure to highlight the sponsor in publicity on the team  Develop a Press Policy

17  Educational institutions can accept grants  Grants are written according to set formats- see their style sheets  Have a set goal in mind when you write a grant- a project or a figure is easier to sell  Expect a major lag time in processing grants  You will likely need the following ready at minimum ◦ Budget for 2-3 years (projected) ◦ Essays highlighting grant use and need ◦ Biographies and credentials of workers ◦ Supporting letters from recipient school ◦ Business Plan is helpful

18  Many major companies have grants (500 Project)  Check the FIRST President’s Circle page above for a list of grants for schools.  Private Grants are sometimes available from philanthropists

19  Dean Kamen made a comment….  A link to explore- wV89WZsDT8INoH17myVA&gid=0 Let us know…..

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