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Sport Tourism: Economic Driver, Community Sport Development Opportunity PRO Forum 2003 April 15th, 2003.

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1 Sport Tourism: Economic Driver, Community Sport Development Opportunity PRO Forum 2003 April 15th, 2003

2 Session Outline Why Sport Tourism? The Sport Council Solution Community Experiences (London Best Practices) Community Experiences (Brantford Best Practices) Next Steps

3 Sport Tourism A Provincial Context Economic Generator : Increased tourism revenues, Employment Enhanced Sport Development Opportunities: High level competition in Ontario World class training & competition facilities

4 Economic Argument 200,000 sport events are held in Canada each year 200,000 sport events are held in Canada each year 27 million tourist trips were made to Canada for sports events in 1994 27 million tourist trips were made to Canada for sports events in 1994 53,000 Canadians worked in sport-related jobs in 1991 53,000 Canadians worked in sport-related jobs in 1991 2 out of 5 U.S. tourists attended an organized sport event 2 out of 5 U.S. tourists attended an organized sport event

5 Economic Argument Over 25 million visitors attended or participated in sports in Ontario in 1999, spending over $4 billion $872 million was spent by the 5 million visitors attending sports in Ontario, and $3.2 billion was spent by the 20 million visitors participating in sports Total tourism expenditures in Ontario in 1999 was $13 billion - 30% of expenditures can be attributed to sporting events

6 Market Share of # of Domestic Visitors Attending or Participating in Sports in Canada

7 Market Share of # of Overnight Domestic Visitors Attending or Participating in Sports

8 Market Share of Expenditures by Domestic Visitors Attending or Participating in Sports

9 Direct Expenditure Vs. Economic Activity and Employment Years ($ millions) Sporting Event Expenditure Total Economic Activity 2,700 1984 LA Summer Olympics $1,270.0$3,000.025,580 19,194 Person Years in Employment 518 349 1988 Calgary Winter Olympics 1994 Commonwealth Games Victoria 1995 Canada Winter Games Grand Prairie 1997 Canada Summer Games Brandon $766.0 $193.9 $17.12 $16.2 $1,277.0 $500.0 $31.56 $35.0

10 Economic Impact of Olympics Sydney 1.6 million new tourists $2.7 billion generated in new tourism related to Olympic exposure

11 Ontario Support Hosting Grants Les Jeux de la Francophonie 2001 - $3,000,000 International World Cup Triathlon 2000 - $50,000 World Women’s Ice Hockey Championships - $25,000 World Rowing Championships 1999 - $1,200,000

12 Ontario Support Canadian Minor Little League Champs 1997 - $56,000 North American Indigenous Games 1997 - $15,000 World Winter Special Olympics 1997 - $4,500,000 Canada Summer Games (London 2001) - $4,000,000

13 Ontario Support Marketing Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership (OTMP) Tourism Event Marketing Program (TEMP) Up to $50,000 of matching funds available to qualifying events Molson Indy, Niagara Golf Classic, 2002 Bank of Montreal Canadian Skating Championships, Haliburton Highlands Dog Sled Derby, Great Ontario Salmon Derby

14 Ontario Support OTMP Packaging (City and Touring Committee) Major events tied in with promotion of key cities (Niagara, Toronto, Ottawa) and also as part of a tour package Support of T.V. coverage of major events to enhance Ontario branding efforts

15 Community Sport Councils and Sport Tourism

16 What’s a Community Sport Council? Community Sport Councils (CSCs) are groups of sport and recreation leaders and other interested parties, who meet and work to build sport in a community or region. CSCs perform a variety of functions including advising on local sport needs, event hosting, volunteer recognition and sport leader training.

17 CSCs in Ontario- sportalliance’s CSC initiative 11 councils currently in place 50+ community meetings advisory council in place since 2001 community sport network web site first annual conference April ’02 Ontario Sport Leadership Conference May 9-10 2003 workshops, publications, promotion

18 CSCs and Sport Tourism Every CSC is a valuable focal point for supporting event hosting and sport tourism…. BUT… not every CSC is interested in leading sport tourism activity. Sometimes the lead is taken by tourism, economic development, or CVB groups.

19 Models to Consider - USA

20 Nashville Sports Council 1992: Nashville Sports Council opens with two staff and a budget of $210 K 2002: NSC has grown to nine paid staff and a budget of up to 1 million dollars. Board of 50 drawn from Nashville’s government, economic and social sectors; database of 4,000 volunteers; Council activities will contribute 105 million dollars to the Nashville economy by 2006.

21 London Sports Council

22 Mission Statement The London Sports Council is a community partnership dedicated to the betterment of sport in London through: Promoting the availability and benefits of sport; Advocating for equitable sport opportunities and facility development; Developing opportunities for networking and mentoring in the sport community; Providing leadership and a voice for collective sport initiative, and; Celebrating sport achievements and the value of volunteers.

23 London Sports Council and Sports Tourism The Sports Tourism portfolio involves the marketing of London as a sport event destination and the development and presentation of bid opportunities. The success with London’s proposals to host four major sport events in the next three years has created a need to develop a plan to address the overall system of both bidding and hosting that will maintain the link required to bridge the process. Currently, Tourism London has accepted as its role the development of the sports tourism investment, the administration and management of seeking opportunities – the bid process. There is no clear understanding who is responsible to manage the link from the host selection to the organization and operation of the event.

24 Why do we need a hosting strategy? All sport events share similar operating functions : Administration Volunteer Programs Organizational Leadership Funding and Sponsorship Sport Technical Operations Promotion and Marketing

25 Our Strategy An independent, dedicated effort led by the London Sports Council and assisted by Sports Tourism would ensure the level of professionalism in the delivery of all sport events. A Guaranteed Legacy to the local sport community.

26 Success Stories 2003 Ontario Senior Games – Winterfest 2004 Ontario Summer and Winter Games Hockey Day in London NBA Hoop it Up

27 Challenges No City of London Strategic Plan, no strategic priorities, and no identified lead roles Who should be doing this? Accepting the realities of our resources

28 Brantford: Tournament Capital of Ontario

29 Brantford The Tournament Capital of Ontario Model INTRODUCTION TO BRANTFORD  Brantford – population 89,000  Partnership with the County of Brant and Six Nations/New Credit of the Grand River Territory  Centrally located in the heart of Southern Ontario along Hwy #403 - one hour west of Toronto  Diverse industrial base with over 500 leading edge companies located in Brantford and area  4 Major Hotel Chains with over 400 rooms  NEW Visitor & Tourism Centre opened fall 2002  Hometown of the World’s Greatest hockey player, the “Great One” Wayne Gretzky

30 Tournament Capital Development  1997 – Community group pursues the Tournament Capital of Ontario (TCO) concept  1998 – Brantford City Council unanimously endorses and supports the TCO initiative  1998 – Provincial Legislature acknowledges Brantford as the Tournament Capital of Ontario  1998 – Brantford becomes a founding member of the (CSTI) currently the Canadian Sport Tourism Alliance (CSTA)  1998 – Tourism Brantford embraces the TCO grass roots community group and offers support  1999 – Federal Government provides assistance through HRDC grant to help Brantford develop & promote the TCO initiative

31 Tournament Capital Development  2000 – Local MPP Dave Levac hosts reception at Queen’s Park to acknowledge the positive contributions of the TCO Committee  2001 – TCO Committee officially becomes part of the City of Brantford’s Economic Development & Tourism Division  2002 – TCO Coordinator elected to the CSTA Board of Directors for a 2 year term  2002 – TCO Trademark registered  2002 & 2003 – TCO develops & implements Strategic Plan and new committee structure

32 “Our Strength Through” Community Support & Involvement  Brantford City Council  Tourism Advisory Board  Parks, Recreation & Waterfront Advisory Board  Parks & Recreation Department  Business Community  Sport Associations and other Community Groups  Volunteers & Ambassador Network

33 2002 Sport Tourism Statistics  City of Brantford hosted over 150 tournaments & sports events  TCO provided direct assistance to the OHL Bantam Cup, International Gymnastics Championships, International Human Powered Vehicle Championships, and Can-Am International Slo-Pitch Tournament  Consulting services provided to 7 Sport Councils and other external groups  Bid assistance for 9 events  Welcome gift packages and/or souvenirs provided to over 25,000 sport visitors

34 Tournament Capital Services and Benefits  Monthly Networking Luncheons  TCO Website Development with Sport Directory, Sport Calendar, AOTW Program  Welcome program at New Visitor & Tourism Centre including room for registrations  Welcome packages & Sport Specific Souvenirs  Sponsorship Opportunities  Bid Assistance  Ambassador Program ONE STOP SERVICES

35 Keys to our Success  Grass-roots approach to Sport Tourism  Focus on providing excellence in Customer Service  Emphasis on Tournament Hosting Services  Community involvement & networking for all  Support from Municipal Council  Support & involvement by surrounding communities  Support & involvement by our business community, sport groups and other community groups  Dedicated team of volunteers

36 Brantford’s #1 Ambassador “So when you’re looking for a place to host your next tournament, this is where you want to bring it; Brantford the Tournament Capital of Ontario and my hometown.” Come on over to our place… Let’s PLAY!

37 TCO Contact Information Brantford Tournament Capital of Ontario c/o Tourism Brantford 399 Wayne Gretzky Parkway Brantford, Ontario N3R 8B4 (519) 751-9900 x 205 1-800-265-6299 (519) 751-2617 Fax Email: Website:

38 The Way Ahead

39 The Way Ahead- Interests Federal, Ontario government interest in hosting strategy and sport tourism Growing municipal interest in sport tourism economic impact CSTA, sportalliance, others developing roles and tools

40 The Way Ahead- Tools CSTA- STEAM model CSTA & sportalliance- Sport Events Databases Opportunities for on-line education, event management, and other tools to support hosting

41 The Way Ahead- Next Steps Next stakeholders meeting May 9 Create an advisory group Work with PSOs : maximize the value of their event properties Support community bids, events via network, tools (ie database), education Work with MTR to integrate community hosting work with provincial hosting interests

42 Contact Us! Janet Gates: Paul Jurbala: Susan Legg: Pat Shewchuk:

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