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Implementing the State Preservation Plan

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1 Implementing the State Preservation Plan

2 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 The National Park Service requires each State Historic Preservation Office to develop and implement a comprehensive statewide historic preservation plan, as outlined in the National Historic Preservation Act. As statements of public policy in historic preservation, each State Plan serves as a guide for decision-making throughout the state. What is the state plan? Overview of programs, identification of partners, achievements & goals

3 Key Features of the Plan Statewide Focus Active Public Involvement – development and implementation Address full range of historic and cultural resources throughout the state Coordination with other planning efforts in the state Plan implementation is linked directly to SHPO expenditures of their federal Historic Preservation Fund grant. Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016

4 Feedback forums at 2009 & 2010 State Preservation Conferences Questionnaire (web, newsletter, email list-serv) SHPO grant / tax credit workshops Certified Local Governments and commissioners Kansas League of Municipalities workshops Kansas Anthropological Association, Professional Archaeologists of Kansas, Kansas Preservation Alliance Property Owners Students Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Public Involvement

5 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Goal #1 Broaden public knowledge Collaborate with stakeholders through workshops, training, and publications targeting groups such as realtors, lenders, chambers of commerce, developers, planners, engineers, architects, governmental agencies, donors, and property owners. Make historic preservation and archeological programs, activities, and conferences more accessible to the public by actively promoting them through the media and online. Call attention to the economic importance of preservation by featuring successful projects in newsletters, on websites using podcasts and interactive maps. Encourage communities to survey their resources and provide workshops to give them the tools to do so.

6 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Goal #2 Strengthen advocacy Maintain a statewide organization with preservation advocacy as its primary mission and with the organizational structure to communicate and respond quickly. Collaborate to create group of voluntary field representatives to assist in public education. Invite national-level training programs, such as the National Center for Preservation Technology, to hold workshops in Kansas. Promote the classes on websites, through email groups, and press releases. Partner with area colleges to develop preservation trades training and education. Create a Habitat for Humanity-type program to inspire and organize volunteers to help with selected preservation projects.

7 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Goal #3 Develop statewide preservation network Connect with partners and the public through email listservs and websites. Develop educational tutorials and how-to videos to be posted on websites and promoted to the public. Circulate and publicize the Kansas Preservation Alliance Inc.’s Directory of Preservation Resources and the SHPO’s Source List for Historic Preservation Services and Resources. Offer scholarships for attendance to conferences and trainings to local government staff, students, and non-profit leaders. Promote and emphasize hands-on programming by offering incentives like college credit or professional certification.

8 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Goal #4 Integrate historic preservation practices into community planning Provide local governments tools to promote regular maintenance and develop minimum maintenance requirements. Require recipients of grant and/or loan funds to develop a long-term maintenance plan. Assist local governments and state agencies in integrating register-listed properties into Geographic Information System (GIS) applications. Assist local governments in preservation planning efforts through HPF grants to do surveys to be used as planning tools for future development and disaster readiness. Grow the network of CLG communities. Develop standards for conservation easements for archeological sites.

9 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Goal #5 Fund historic preservation initiatives Establish a process for funding repairs to historic properties impacted by disaster through the Heritage Trust Fund and other related programs. Continue to build the rehabilitation tax credit programs and the Partnership Historic Sites program.

10 Kansas Preservation Plan: 2011-2016 Implementing the Plan Maximize implementers Share plan with local officials in your community Continue dialogue throughout 5-year cycle Publicize goals that are achieved

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