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Welcome Spring Coaches

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1 Welcome Spring Coaches

2 Introductions Baseball Head Coach Roc Murray
Assistants (Steven Moller, Tom Eakes, Bob Townsend, Mike Pappas, Randy May) JV Jon Murray (Scott Alexander) Frosh Greg Marjama (Scott Clemmer & Daniel Clemmer) Golf Head Coach Tim Hurrianko Assistant (Chris Carolan ) JV Mike Wagner Soccer Head Coach Paul Morrison Assistants (Chris Starr, Stacy Starr) JV Grant Depue Frosh Paul Werner & Geoffrey Clarion Softball Head Coach Marissa Hardy Assistants (Tom Hardy, Jerry Wallace) JV Darla Sommerville (Jason Tillery)

3 Swimming Head Coach (Boys) Kristin Hamm - JV Kayla Marcello
Swimming Head Coach (Girls) April Kenitzer - JV Jaimie Brown & Rachel Robertson Tennis Head Coach Dale Eckenburg - Assistant Jeff Safin Track (Boys) Head Coach Matt Eckman Track (Girls) Head Coach Kent Roosevelt Assistants ( Chris Knorzer, Nick Vogt, George Patterson & Kimberly Bayer) Volleyball Head Coach Ray deLeon JV Brooke McFerren

4 Rocklin High School Athletic Vision
What’s the main thing? The Rocklin High School Athletic program is and integral part of the Rocklin High School learning experience. The RHS student athlete experience is a result of the “six Pillars of Success” as outlined in the Rocklin High School handbook; a lifelong learner and continually improving. (Character, Communication , Commitment, Curriculum, Challenge and Community) The best learning comes when coach and teacher work together Connections It has been proven that when an adult on campus connects with a HS student their chance for success increases exponentially. You have that opportunity to connect with athletes

5 Connect on Many Different Levels

6 You are a role model for all these attributes.
Actions both on and off the athletic arena. Rocklin High School and community have high standards “Success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self- satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming”. -John Wooden

7 Philosophy at Work Tryouts Playing Time
Transparent & tangible “Why didn’t my student athlete make the team?” Playing Time Communicate clearly and how to discuss Establish Protocol Sharing Athletes- Club Sports Factors

8 Athletic Clearances Athletic Clearance Academics
Physical, Proof of Insurance, Athletic Handbook Acknowledgment, Concussion certification, Social Media contract Yellow Slip (Clearance slip) Feb. 10th or on the Tryout roster Academics RHS Grading System Harder to Fail than to RHS 2.0 only 1 No Mark (NM) Essence of our School Residential- see me if Q’s If you have an unfamiliar face at practice we need to know about it. Entire family moves, split families, follow coach VAC Part of Athletic Clearance- Voluntary, it is tax deductable. Do their part Rosters to Kelly Petrilla- After each cut – must have final roster ASAP after final cuts, Update periodically

9 Supervision & Responsibilities
Locker Rooms Coach must accompany team and the last to leave Pick up after yourself when you leave! Bench, bleachers, etc…. Fight Song with Cheer and Dance Travel-Transportation “On your own” Overnight trip expectations forms completed prior to leaving Game Day Attendance 2:00 pm on game day Please confirm with Incident Reports Must report all injuries on Incident Report Form Pictures- RHS Athletics Fundraiser!!! Contact Frank Shields with date and time

10 RED FLAG WARNING Try to never be alone with a student athlete .
Don’t pick up students in a car and be alone with them. Keep yourself out of situations where you could be accused of improper behavior with students or other staff.

11 Social Media and the Student Athlete
Any social media contact must be professional not personal. Remind 101- Professional way to communicate with students- designed for teachers. Social Media Contract………. Review with Student Athletes Review with Parents

12 Athletic Handbooks and Guidelines
Umbrella Affect Must fall under Submit copy of Team policies/rules – Parent Meeting Dates to Kelly / Stewart Athletic Code of Conduct On and Off Field of Play Reflection of self, team, school, parents, community Class III Infractions

13 Parents………….. Form emotional conclusions about rational situations
Communication Protocol Player –Coach Player- Program Head Player -Parent- Coach- Program Head Player-Parent- Coach-Program Head- Athletic Director Critical Piece- Bring on board as much as possible Transparency Proactive approach

14 Miscellaneous Coaches Clearance Sports Med- DeVinna Media Dead Periods
Contract, CPR, FA, NHS,BBP, TB,SS#,I-9,DEA, W4, Concussion Cert, Pull Notice……………… and your 1st born! Janet McAlexander – list Sports Med- DeVinna Hours 2:45-4:00 Report Injuries- and Incident Report Ice and 1st Aide Kits Media Know the audience, motives- 30 sec headlines, Quotes Dead Periods 2 times- before and after season

15 Mandatory Concussion Training
AB 25 & AB1451 “A student-athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or head injury in a practice or game shall be removed from competition at that time and for the remainder of the day.” AND “A student-athlete who has been removed may not return to play until the athlete is evaluated by a licensed health care provider trained in the evaluation and management of concussion, and received written clearance to return to play from that health care provider”. Free online training requirement available at or

16 Have FUN!!!!!!!!!! Why play High School Sports………?
Sometimes the hardest thing to do with most talented teams……. Team building activities Celebrate-

17 Thank you for Attending
Go Thunder!

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