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-AJ Volleyball- “It’s an ATTITUDE!” Varsity Head Coach Major John Verdugo Varsity Assistant Coach - Tammy Twitty.

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1 -AJ Volleyball- “It’s an ATTITUDE!” Varsity Head Coach Major John Verdugo Varsity Assistant Coach - Tammy Twitty


3 The Coaches Head Coach – Major V –5th year as Head Coach 5 years with SC Midlands Volleyball Club –U18 Power, U16/U18 Region, 14 Elite/15 Performance, SC Midlands U16 Orange NFHS Volleyball Certification, USAV IMPACT Certification USAV Coaching Clinic / Recruiting Clinic Art of Coaching Clinic Varsity Assistant Coach – Tammy Twitty –5th year as Assistant NFHS Volleyball Certification –8 years as Head Coach, Girl’s Track and Field

4 Why Are We Here? QUITE SIMPLY: –To develop our female athletes into competitive volleyball players so that we will win championships at ALL levels and maintain a volleyball program of excellence –TO WIN ON NOVEMBER 8, 2014

5 Our Three Goals

6 -Goal #1- Improve each athlete’s ability to play competitive volleyball - with emphasis on fundamentals and competitive attitude

7 -Goal #2- Establish and maintain a program of excellence that improves athletic ability and produces championships

8 -Goal #3- Have fun playing(and coaching)the game!

9 What We Expect -a Competitive Attitude!- Willingness to place the team first Willingness to learn Willingness to work hard Willingness to “hit the floor” Willingness to self-motivate then DOMINATE

10 Requirements to Participate Current Physical AS OF 1 APR 2014 Academic Eligibility – BASIC/Community Svc Signed Parent/Athlete Contract –Back page of Handbook Signed Parent/Athlete Concussion Form GREAT attitude from Athlete AND Parent!!! Sincere “hunger” to be the best

11 Warning Volleyball, like any other sport, has the potential for serious injury –sprained ankles, sore shoulders, or worse It is everyone’s responsibility to enforce safety No unsafe play or actions Proper nutrition and rest are important

12 Handbook Conduct of Athletes Attendance/Tardiness Practice Support Game Support

13 Handbook Who plays?(Refer back to why we’re here) –VARSITY = BEST 10-12 PLAYERS FOR THE TEAM –JV = BEST 10-12 PLAYERS FOR THE TEAM NUMBERS MAY FLUCTUATE BASED ON TEAM REQUIREMENTS Communication Problem Resolution Code of Behavior

14 Our Team Roles Players = to learn, work hard, and perform Coaches = to prepare the girls to compete and win Parents = to encourage and support your daughter, the team, and the coaches WE WIN BECAUSE OUR TEAM IS STRONGER

15 Behavior Coaches are accountable Players are accountable PARENTS ARE ACCOUNTABLE –I EXPECT YOU TO FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE –Remember your Role If not, I will politely ask you to leave and then remove your daughter from the team

16 Uniforms Varsity and JV -Game = Jersey, black spandex shorts, black knee pads, black socks, shoes -Practice = practice jersey, black spandex shorts, knee pads, socks, shoes, water bottle, pen and notebook -Camp – no cut off shirts

17 Champion’s Camp 15 sessions minimum - June and July –$75 per camper/$125 per siblings –Each participant receives focused instruction and a T-shirt –ALL proceeds go to support the Volleyball program 1 session or 15 sessions = $75 No additional costs*** or Fundraising except for Varsity warm ups Submit Sign Up form and check to AJHS Volleyball PRIOR to first day of Camp

18 Champion’s Camp Schedule –Rising 8-12 th Graders = 8:00-10:30 = Skills = 10:30 -11:30 = Weight training

19 Key Calendar Dates

20 Additional Notes Physicals must be submitted/on hand PRIOR to participating in Champion’s Camp Handbook and Calendar on school website under Athletics Each team needs : –Team Mom/Dad –Scorekeepers!!! –Concession Stand help Interest in Club (December – March)


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