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Heel Cap Kayley Harper Ciarra Boettcher Brett Hinckley.

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1 Heel Cap Kayley Harper Ciarra Boettcher Brett Hinckley

2 The Need is Real

3 Argument Women, especially older women, can be embarrassed by their choice of shoes However, they can’t wear more fashionable high heels, because of their lack of stability The heel cap provides the extra traction and stability needed for these women to still wear the heels they want to wear

4 Rhetorical Strategies Logos Ethos Pathos

5 Printing/Designing Half sphere shape Extruded a hole create a separate bottom piece Started as a tennis ball- like figure tennis balls slip on surfaces and do NOT add traction We kept a similar design in the end

6 Challenges We had software problems Support material on the bottom piece. Added height of the cap to the shoe.

7 Evaluations -Would wear -Would buy if they were a girl -Practical -Suggested interchangeable bottoms -$7.00 -Downsize; possibly embarrassing -Would wear if it was a trend -Accomplishes stability, but lacks fashion appeal -$12.00 Male Female

8 Distribution Plan -Shoe stores -Women could see as they shop. -Feature ads of women slipping and falling without our Heel Cap VS. Women happily walking along with our Heel Cap. -Facebook -Feature ads similar as the offline space. -Include a link on Facebook posts to the online Etsy page. -Etsy - customizable colors and different bottom pieces for different terrains. Offline SpaceOnline Spaces

9 What we would change: Change the depth of the heel hole Create interchangeable bases Make the bottom piece larger Make the Heel Cap more aesthetically pleasing

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