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The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo Larsen Adams Plunnecke.

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1 The Tiger Rising By Kate DiCamillo Larsen Adams Plunnecke

2 The main characters were Rob Norton Mr. Nelson Billy Sistine Farther Willy May Beauchamp tiger This story took place… (setting) Forest Orlando Motel

3 I thought the biggest problem was: The tiger Robs mom died The problem was solved when The tiger was freed from the cage I don’t know when the problem was solved.

4 At the beginning… Rob found a tiger locked in a cage. Rob found the tiger when he went into the forest. Rob went to the bus stop, and waited for the bus under the Motel sign. Rob met Norton, and Billy Threemoner on the bus.

5 Then, Norton said something to Rob, and Rob didn’t like that. Rob also didn’t like when Billy sat next to him. Sooner, or later Rob and Sistine made it back to the motel parking lot. Rob laughed hard Sistine laughed hard they both laughed hard.

6 Next, Later Rob just met Willy May, and Rob gave her the wooden bird that Willy May let go out of the cage. One time later Sistine asked Rob how Rob’s mother died, and Rob said cancer so Sistine found out how Rob’s mother died. Beauchamp asked Rob if Rob could feed the tiger in the cage, and Rob said ok. Later Rob helped Willy May with the laundry while Rob chewed on Eight Ball Gum.

7 At the end, Later at the end of the book Rob said that he will let the tiger go for Sistine, and they let the tiger go. After Rob, and Sistine let the tiger go they both heard a crap of a gun. Willy May found Rob, and Sistine and brought them to were Rob’s father was. Rob got so mad that he kicked and punched his father, but his father stayed like a wall.

8 The best part of the story was when The best part was when Rob, and Sistine let the tiger go. I liked this scene because the tiger would be free, and live in the wild.

9 I didn’t like When Rob’s father killed the tiger. I didn’t like the scene because, I wanted to see the tiger live free, and in the wild.

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